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Do’s and don’ts during the planning of an event

Do’s Plan for the weather Nothing ruins an outdoor event more than bad weather. You cannot control the weather, but you can be prepared for what’s in the forecast. Provide a backup plan for when severe weather is predicted. Look … Continue Reading

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5 tips for a more efficient staffing agency

Read and apply the following five tips and become a more efficient staffing agency. Cut out your paperwork Paperwork is a time-consuming activity in every staffing agency. In order to not find yourself drowning in work, you should use a … Continue Reading

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How to handle a big pile of work and get your work modus on

Are you struggling with a long to-do list? Don’t you even know where to start and how to finish all your work by the end of the week? Are you familiar with the phrase:   “I am just too overwhelmed … Continue Reading

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May release

A new month. A new release. An overview of the most important innovations of this month.   USER APP Using the new mobile app, employees will be able to perform just about every action that they can perform using Beeple’s … Continue Reading

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5 apps to make your event life easier

Preparing for an event is a stressful situation. Although you are quite experienced in organizing an event, there is always something that doesn’t go as planned. Since you are constantly on the move between different locations and teams, you don’t … Continue Reading

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Customer Succes

Our key to Customer Success

    As a customer of Beeple, you can expect a fast service. But to keep up with our growing number of customers and to be able to keep offering a smooth support, we had to invest in our Customer … Continue Reading

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April release

A new version has been released. The most important innovations are: Delete functions & Profile properties From now on it is possible to remove functions and profile attributes as admin. In addition, it is also possible to archive functions and … Continue Reading

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GDPR en Beeple

GDPR and Beeple

On 25 May 2018, the GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, will enter into force in Europe. The GDPR relates to the management and the protection of personal data of European citizens. As of May 2018, each business must be … Continue Reading

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Data News Awards for Excellence 2018

Beeple shortlisted for Data News Awards for Excellence 2018

Beeple is nominated in 4 prestigious categories at Data News Awards for Excellence. Your vote makes a difference !  Every year, the Belgian IT magazine Data News hands out 14 awards in different categories to outstanding Belgian companies, for their … Continue Reading

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Tips for efficient employee scheduling

Managing flexible employees is not a simple thing and making schedules can take a lot of time and effort. Working with flexible employees means that every week is different. Therefore, making schedules in this particular case is not that easy. … Continue Reading

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