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6 reasons why you need to replace Excel by Beeple

Much of our customers always used Excel to manage their staff before they became customer of Beeple. Still need some convincing before leaving Excel behind? Here are 6 things that are possible in Beeple but impossible in Excel. Cloud based … Continue Reading

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Flex staff on Formula E Championship in NYC planned by Beeple

We’re happy to announce Beeple USA wil support the planning and staff organization during the ABB FIA Formula E Championship in Brooklyn, New York City, on July 14 & 15. During this event 10 teams and 20 drivers will battle … Continue Reading

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Summer in the catering business: blessing or not?

Did you already notice? Summer has begun! The sunny weather and evenings make that everyone is happy and stays out late, which is also good news for the catering industry that have full cafe terraces until late in the evening. … Continue Reading

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Beeple & Intercom: 89% Happiness

Since April 2018, our Customer Success & Inside Sales Team uses the Intercom platform to directly interact with our customers. Since then, we have already noticed a great increase in registrations and daily conversations on Intercom. So far, it has … Continue Reading

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Data News Awards for Excellence 2018

And the winners of the Data News Awards for Excellence 2018 are… Every year Data News, the Belgian ICT journal, organizes the Data News Awards for Excellence. During the 19th edition this year, 14 awards have been reached out as … Continue Reading

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Do’s and don’ts during the planning of an event

Do’s Plan for the weather Nothing ruins an outdoor event more than bad weather. You cannot control the weather, but you can be prepared for what’s in the forecast. Provide a backup plan for when severe weather is predicted. Look … Continue Reading

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5 tips for a more efficient staffing agency

Read and apply the following five tips and become a more efficient staffing agency. Cut out your paperwork Paperwork is a time-consuming activity in every staffing agency. In order to not find yourself drowning in work, you should use a … Continue Reading

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How to handle a big pile of work and get your work modus on

Are you struggling with a long to-do list? Don’t you even know where to start and how to finish all your work by the end of the week? Are you familiar with the phrase:   “I am just too overwhelmed … Continue Reading

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May release

A new month. A new release. An overview of the most important innovations of this month.   USER APP Using the new mobile app, employees will be able to perform just about every action that they can perform using Beeple’s … Continue Reading

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5 apps to make your event life easier

Preparing for an event is a stressful situation. Although you are quite experienced in organizing an event, there is always something that doesn’t go as planned. Since you are constantly on the move between different locations and teams, you don’t … Continue Reading

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