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Jobdex: grown 8 times with clevergig

Mark Van Wezel, the founder of Jobdex, has had a remarkable journey since the inception of his business. What started as a student project during his Entrepreneurship minor in 2018 has grown into a thriving platform in the festival world and beyond. Since 2020, Jobdex has been working with clevergig, and in the meantime, they have experienced significant growth. How did they achieve this? And what was the role of clevergig in it? We spoke with Mark to discover their story.

About Jobdex

Jobdex emerged from the need to create a better match between gigs and available flex workers. With roots in the festival world and a growing client base, including well-known names like Paradiso and Awakenings, Jobdex has built a strong reputation as a flexible and reliable platform for both employers and employees. They transitioned from a WhatsApp group of 30 people to a platform where 1800 flex workers have found their services. The company primarily operates in Amsterdam and is known for its friendly and responsible temporary workers.

Planning and Time Tracking Before clevergig

Before implementing clevergig, Jobdex struggled with challenges in administration and communication. After the Covid-19 pandemic, when everything reopened, Jobdex experienced significant growth. Clear data organisation and communication were the biggest challenges. With over 180 members in their WhatsApp group, processes became chaotic and inefficient. Then, through another agency, they found clevergig and immediately started using it.

Mark explains: "We operate on a platform model. Clients become external managers in clevergig, can post gigs, and accept the workers who respond to the requests. At the end of the week, we send an invoice. About 60% is immediately entered into clevergig by external managers, and 40% still comes in via email. We aim to have everything run externally, to have clevergig function as a marketplace."

Experience with clevergig

After the introduction of clevergig, they quickly noticed a significant improvement. Mark emphasises the added value of clevergig in streamlining administrative processes and communication: "clevergig is a functional communication system, where you can easily reach people with push notifications. With the user experience of clevergig, you also ensure quality on the work floor. People are still people, but everything has become much more structured. Now, I could run the company completely by myself, without any help. A person who understands all the ins and outs of the company and clevergig could really run the company themselves."

Jobdex branded app provided by clevergig


Looking at the numbers, between 2020 and 2023, Jobdex grew 8 times in the number of services per month. Of course, this growth is not solely attributed to the software but also to the good match between us and the company.

Mark recently conducted a survey about Jobdex, in which three words stood out: personal, fast, and flexible. He explains that the personality lies at Jobdex, while the speed and flexibility are found both at Jobdex and clevergig: “The latter two really refer to your software.” With clevergig, processes within Jobdex run much faster. Temporary workers easily find their services and get paid within 30 days.

Mark Van Wezel, the founder of Jobdex

Invoicing module

When asked about unexpected features that have had a big impact, Mark highlights our invoicing module, which they started using immediately after its launch. He says: "Since the invoicing module came out, administration has become even easier. I found out that I also enjoy finance. We can play with the data that comes from it and learn from it. Now, we want to work with clevergig even more. Everything is clear. Thanks to clevergig, we can establish a lean and scalable company."

Our final question during an interview is always whether the interviewee would recommend us to others. When we ask Mark this, he says he would gladly recommend us but wants to maintain his advantage over competitors. “It's a balance between generosity and maintaining our market position,” he says. ;) And we completely understand that! We wouldn't reveal our secrets to success to the competition so easily either. Thanks for the conversation, Mark, and we look forward to experiencing much more growth with Jobdex together.

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