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Adecco France: Everything happens through the tool, which makes the operations much simpler.

The Adecco agency in Amiens take care of the recruitment of flex staff for the Zénith d'Amiens. The Zénith is a big cultural theater hall in the North of France which can accommodate 6000 spectators during shows. To manage and schedule various functions such as ticket inspectors and VIP hosts, Adecco France uses Beeple to automate communication and save timing making work schedules.

Smooth transition

Ingrid Guichard is Branch Manager at the Adecco agency of Amiens and responsible for the recruitment for the Zénith arena. To recruit all various flex staff, the Zénith arena sent their demands via email to the agency, so the agency could start recruiting the temporary employees and assigning them to those shifts. To do so, they had to call the temporary employees to know their availabilities. Once the shifts were confirmed, a call system managed the sending of confirmation and reminder text messages. “There was no automatic communication based on a predefined and programmed content, like the automatic emails or text messages that Beeple offers,” said Ingrid Guichard.

Ingrid got to know Beeple, because the product was already implemented in an Adecco event agency in Lille. “Having heard feedback from Lille, I thought that Beeple could be useful to our agency and I took the initiative to request the use of Beeple.” The transition from the old planning system to Beeple went very smoothly according to Ingrid.

“The transition from our old system to Beeple only took a few adjustments to the settings. Especially the content of the communications (automatic confirmation messages of enrolment in a shift), but it remained just a matter of settings.” - Ingrid Guichard

Automatic confirmation and reminders

The Zénith d’Amiens works by season. At the start of the season, around September, a pool of candidates (temporary employees) is validated. Those candidates are added to Beeple. From then on, those candidates can note their availability by logging in on the site, on which they can access the dates of the various performances in the calendar. That planning is created by The Zénith staff, instead of sending the order by email to the Adecco branch. They schedule the staff needs of the various shows by indicating different functions and the number of people required for each shift. Afterwards, the Adecco branch will plan the available temporary employees on each shift.

“Knowing the availability of candidates in advance is a considerable timesaver. Once the candidates have filled in their work availability, they receive the right job proposals by email or SMS which they can accept or reject. When they accept, they receive an automatic email and SMS confirmation, in which the dress code for the event is also mentioned. They receive a reminder with all the necessary information for their work the day before the event.”

5-star employees

Beeple offers two big benefits to the Adecco agency in Amiens according to Ingrid. “The first benefit is the traceability : Beeple enables us to easily recover the messages sent to the temporary employees such as job propositions and confirmations. The existence of these messages therefore represents additional proof of commitment.” In that same context, Ingrid also uses Beeple to evaluate temp staff. “We have a group of so-called "old temporary employees", who have been working at the Zénith for multiple years. With the functionality to evaluate candidates by adding a number of stars to the flex employee's profile, I can easily identify those employees in the database. I know that I can contact these people in the first place.”

The second big benefit of Beeple is the automatic communication towards the temporary employees . “The time spent on the phone can now be used for other tasks. This is a considerable gain in time concerning management and call traffic.” Today’s generation of temporary workers is, according to Ingrid, a generation that always gives priority to new technologies. They prefer to receive an email and a text message rather than having to answer the phone, and sometimes call back the agency to confirm. “We have received very good feedback from the users and temporary employees, who find it very handy. Everything happens through the tool, which makes the operations much simpler.”

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