Why should you digitize?

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It is impossible to imagine the world without digitization. You would be amazed at how much data flows in and out of your company. It is therefore extremely difficult to keep all this data clear for your employees. Digitization is the solution! Discover in this blog the top 4 reasons why you shouldn't ignore digitization.

Reason 1: Making information accessible

First and foremost, it is important that you make your information accessible to your employees. Homeworking is promoted, but then it's very annoying that as an employee you just need the one document that's still in the office. By working digitally, your employees will have all the information they need anytime, anywhere, and of course you will help to reduce the amount of paper they need. You don't have to make prints, display information or update it endlessly.

Apply this to personnel work and you don't waste any more time with simple formalities such as applying for leave. Attracting new staff is also easier if you do this digitally. Ask for CVs to be e-mailed, do not keep paper versions on your desk and try to distribute vacancies digitally as much as possible through your social media channels .

Reason 2: Employee Experience

Careful, digitizing is not a piece of cake. An intensive process precedes the digitization of your processes. In the short term, it will lead to enormous time savings and efficiency, but you will have to make an effort to achieve this. After all, it is a change for you, but also for your employees. Don't assume that this change will run smoothly for everyone.

Digital tools offer many more opportunities for your company to grow. Employee satisfaction can also be scored better, and it helps to attract new employees. You radiate innovation and you can use all kinds of tools to assess the satisfaction of your staff. Send some anonymous satisfaction surveys digitally and you will know where the pain points are and what you as an employer can work on.

Don't underestimate the importance of the "Employee Experience" in every company. It's a chic term for keeping your staff happy, but your employees are the face of your company. The old-fashioned word-of-mouth advertising still works very well: if your employees are motivated to work for your company, they will also recommend you as an employer to others.

Reason 3: Attracting Millennials

Linked to the Employee Experience is attracting the golden generation, namely the millennials. They were born between 1980 and 2000 and grew up in a digital world. Would you like to accelerate the digitization of your company? Then they are the target group in which you must recruit.

Millennials are certainly not the easiest group of employees to attract. They don't need grey office buildings or daily face-to-face meetings. They need flexibility and a challenging project. Digitizing your processes can be such a project for them. With their fresh view on the future, they help you to build a digital future.

Reason 4: Reducing your ecological footprint

Climate demonstrations, climate marches, climate strikes... We are all concerned about the climate and how we can contribute to a greener future. Your staff will undoubtedly have already thought about this. As an employer, why don't you take a leading role here? A few suggestions:

Paperless office: by working digitally you reduce the amount of paper in the office. Information can be consulted digitally anywhere, and you can save the rainforest with it!

Plastic free Friday: on Friday everyone brings their own lunch box and drinking bottle. No takeaway meals in plastic trays, no plastic foil sandwiches and no plastic bottles of water on desks.

Bike to work day: You invite your employees to leave their cars behind once a month and to choose alternative means of transport such as electric scooters, bicycles, public transport or by foot.

You will undoubtedly make an impression and encourage everyone to think along with you about how your company can modernize.

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