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The end of the month is a moment employees look forward to, because the wage is paid out and that means some extra budget for hobbies, dinner parties, traveling and so on. For the persons in charge of HR, the situation is a little bit different… They often experience this period as stressful and labour-intensive, although it doesn’t have to be like that! With the following tips, all frustrations and loss of time that went together with payroll administration will vanish into thin air.

First of all, it’s important to realize that the paper era is over and that the digitization of your payroll administration can bring you many benefits. It not only saves you a lot of time but also money, since you don’t need to invest in envelopes, stamps, printing paper or ink anymore. If you furthermore decide to use a cloud-based system, you will be able to consult or adjust your data anywhere and anytime , when it suits you. With this, we recommend you to look for a system, like Beeple, that combines payroll administration with other aspects of staff management, like scheduling, hour registration, a database of employees etc. That way, you don’t have to work in several systems anymore, resulting in much gain in time!

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Allow your collaborators to register their hours & costs themselves

The HR department also loses a great amount of time to figuring out one by one who has worked when and which expenses need to be refunded to those people. In addition, errors often occur when these data are entered manually . When you let your employees enter their hours and costs in the system themselves, that problem is solved as well. There will be fewer discussions afterwards and the people at HR can spend the gained time on other things. In Beeple, you can download an Excel export that shows you per collaborator how much pay they need to receive for a specific period . You can easily send that file to your payroller.

Keep your database of employees up-to-date

As a person in charge of payroll, you certainly have experienced something like this: you just finished the payroll and at that moment, a couple of collaborators let you know that their data are not correct anymore. In the worst case, the payments had already been executed and you needed to call around to fix everything. This can easily be solved by means of an online database to which the employees have access as well. Ask your collaborators to double-check their data and to update them when something has changed, like their address or bank account number. Do they need additional motivation? Remind them of the fact that their wages will not be paid as long as their data are not up-to-date! In the self-service portal of Beeple, you can make certain fields obligatory and until those fields are completed, the employee doesn’t have access to the portal and the vacancies.

Integrate with your payroll partner

Last but not least: a payroll integration is in our opinion the easiest way to save time on your payroll administration . Do you work together with a fixed payroll partner for the payment of your collaborators? Ask them whether they can integrate with or already have a link with your staff management system. Beeple has for example integrations with Adecco, GroupS, Securex, Easymatch, Flexpoint, Vio, Synergie and Partena. Those integrations guarantee smooth management of contracts and payment of your employees, without having to take any action yourself.

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