Flemish capitals choose Belgian tool for scheduling volunteers in vaccination centres

People waiting in the vaccination centres
The Flemish cities and municipalities are in full preparation of the vaccination centres that will be responsible for the vaccination of the Flemish population in the coming months. This is a huge challenge, because no one knows how many people will need to be vaccinated each day and, moreover, most of the centres rely on medical and non-medical volunteers. In order to make this staff planning manageable, Flemish capitals are using the Belgian planning software Beeple.

Scheduling medical and non-medical staff and volunteers (such as stewards, pharma assistants, logistics staff and, of course, the vaccinators themselves) both on weekdays and weekends into different work shifts at different locations is a daring feat that the cities and towns will face over the coming months. To facilitate this complex and unpredictable planning, the Flemish capitals unanimously chose to collaborate with the Belgian planning tool Beeple.

"Based on years of expertise with major customers in the healthcare sector and ambulatory services, Beeple has created a template to quickly launch the planning of vaccination centres. Since we are also the platform for several customers to recruit crisis volunteers, we can use our experience to guide municipalities and cities in the best possible way," says CEO of Beeple, Karel Rabaut.


As the Belgian market leader in digital planning, Beeple is an expert in managing complex and unpredictable schedules. With national and international customers in various sectors such as employment agencies, security firms and retail chains, municipalities and cities can count on a well-trained onboarding team and advice on setting up and managing ad hoc schedules.

Already 6 Flemish cities in the provinces of West Flanders, East Flanders and Antwerp have signed up to the Beeple planning tool. How does it work in practice? Employees and volunteers can register online and receive an overview of the available shifts and for which ones they are eligible. Obviously, non-medical employees cannot sign up for medical shifts. Moreover, no prior knowledge or ICT background is required to work with the scheduling app thanks to the functional and contemporary interface. "We invest heavily in the user-friendliness of the platform, both for the employer and the employees. For example, employees can swipe Tinder-wise whether they are interested in a job shift, or not," says CEO, Karel Rabaut.

About Beeple

Beeple is the market leader in scheduling software for companies with temporary staff or permanent employees with flexible schedules. Founded in 2016, it operates in Europe and the Middle East in various sectors such as: healthcare, retail, sports, security, events and festivals. In addition to the tool's main function, scheduling, Beeple helps HR Managers and schedulers communicate better and faster with employees, get an overview of hours worked and vacation requests, and make pay-outs more efficiently.

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