Visma acquires clevergig and reinforces Beeple's growth ambition in the Benelux

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Only 8 months after flying under the wings of the Visma Group, we are very happy to announce that we have acquired our first company together - clevergig. The acquisition of the Dutch company clevergig will allow us to emphasise and reach our goals of growing internationally. Beeple and clevergig will continue to operate under their own name and with the current team under Beeple’s supervision.

Broad presence in Belgium and the Netherlands

The Dutch company clevergig provides its software solution to companies in healthcare and education, mainly to organise their planning, time registration, and invoicing processes. While Beeple focuses on larger staffing agencies with complex processes, clevergig assists smaller staffing and recruitment agencies in matching temporary workers and freelancers to ad-hoc assignments.

Beeple has already achieved a strong market position in Belgium, and clevergig has done the same in the Netherlands. With the acquisition of clevergig by Visma, Beeple can target this smaller segment of staffing and recruitment agencies, expand into a new market segment and further reinforce the growth ambition throughout the Benelux region.

Karel Rabaut, Managing Direct and Co-founder of Beeple: “The merger will allow Beeple to serve a new market segment and accelerate organic growth throughout the Benelux region. Moreover, we see a big match in work culture between Beeple and clevergig regarding the company culture and flexible and remote way of working. The sales and customer success teams will be integrated to exchange knowledge and provide optimal service to customers.”

Visma as a guaranteed leading European solution provider

Beeple and clevergig will continue to focus on its customers with the same helpful and reliable service as always. Working within the Visma group, we can provide our employees with an enormous innovation capacity that will help clients meet their organisational goals.

Both brands will continue working as separate units, but with the opportunity to share know-how, thought and client cases.

Michel Pilet, CEO and founder of clevergig, expressed his pride in clevergig’s acquisition by Visma, emphasising the importance of preserving the team and product under Visma and Beeple. He noted that the merger presents an opportunity to launch their product in additional geographic markets and continue growing.

Last but not least, we are excited to welcome our new colleagues and customers within the next few weeks!

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