6 reasons why Beeple is better than Excel

Person working on planning in excel on laptop
Many of our customers always used Excel to manage their staff before they became a Beeple customer. Still need some convincing before leaving Excel behind as a planning tool? Here are six ways in which Beeple upgrades staff planning in comparison to Excel.

1) Cloud based tool

When you start using Beeple for you planning en data management, you do not need to worry about losing these in case your computer crashes or you accidentally close the window. Your data can always be recovered in the cloud. Moreover, it is perfectly possible to work in the planning at the same time as one of your colleagues.

2) Clear overview

Excel is a widely used for various applications, whereas Beeple is specially designed to manage staff planning and give users a clear overview in the interface. Even in the mobile application, all the important information is displayed clearly and can be updated easily. Whether you are in the office or on the road, whether you are a planner or an employee, Beeple is always ready to use.

3) Accidentally deleting functions is in the past

Remember when you accidentally deleted or modified a function in Excel and all of your results were changed or even gone? That is not even a possibility in Beeple. All functionalities that are actively used cannot be deleted without our intervention to prevent you from losing important information, like for example collaborators’ personal files.

4) Easy communication

Beeple merges all your staffing management processes in one tool, which means that you can quickly communicate with your workers within the tool itself. Even in case of last-minute changes or cancellations, manually calling or texting your collaborators is no longer necessary.

5) Automatic transfer to payroll partner

If you decide to use one of our payroll integrations, Beeple automatically and immediately passes on the necessary data to your social secretariat or payroll partner. We are proud to share that this has reduced human errors in salary payments by 72%.

6) Smart suggestions

While creating your planning, Beeple gives you smart employee suggestions based on function, availability, commuting distance, evaluation or other profile characteristics that you added yourself.

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