Case study

BXL Students: Beeple is time-saving and connective

BXL Students is a successful company that helps students find jobs in large-scale events. The company emerged in 2012 by founder Sven Cautaerts, and has since provided students with jobs in major festivals, such  as Tomorrowland, Dour Festival and  Rave Rebels. BXL Students supports approximately 2500 students a year,  ensuring each and every student gets a suitable job.

Daily Planning

BXL Students is built of 7 employees, who all manage the company’s administration. There are on average 2500 Students and volunteers who register with BXL Students every year. However, this number can vary, as students are taken off the company’s database once graduated.

BXL Students’ Evolution with Beeple

BXL Students has been a Beeple client since the very beginning. Investing in Beeple’s planning tool was an easy choice for founder Sven Cautaerts, as he felt he could relate to Beeple’s story and values.

"The tool continues to evolve and always in the right direction."
- Sven Cautaerts

Due to the growth of the company, BXL Students was no longer able to process all the last-minute requests . The team had to look for an alternative method to better manage employees . Sven explained: "Last minute requests from clients such as, "Can you provide us with 4 people tomorrow, who can come to work at 5 pm?" were manageable at first," says Sven. "But after a while we could not manage such a request via a quick Facebook post. Everything became too time-consuming and too complex."

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