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Adecco Belgium: I fill in last-minute requests with just one push on a button

The Adecco Group is a  global leader in the HR sector. Adecco is the best known brand in the group and is aimed at giving temporary workers the job of a lifetime, in which they can excel and in which they feel good. Emma Haeck works as Sales Support Officer at Adecco Belgium and it is her job to fill all vacancies for her clients with suitable temporary employees. How does she do that? You can discover all this in this blog!

A database of temporary employees

Adecco Belgium has customers all over Belgium and it is important that there is always a professional point of contact toensure that all communication runs smoothly. And here comes Emma in the picture. She is responsible for filling vacancies for clients and planning the temporary workers in the long and short term. The schedules of large customers are sometimes so complex and heavy that a global overview became difficult to visualize. They wanted to bring everything to one central point to manage. Emma uses Beeple for these customers.

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What does that work in Beeple? The customers send in their applications, Emma opens the vacancies in Beeple and subsequently, these vacant vacancies are automatically sent to a pool of temporary employees who have already been selected and have the right qualities. Who is available and wants to, can indicate with one click that he or she is coming to work. And so the applications are almost filled in automatically. In the beginning, it was especially important for Emma that they build a good candidate group. She did this by sending out campaigns for her vacancies and when candidates responded to them, she went through the selection procedure and always asked if she could link them to the Beeple database. To this day, she can complete all her schedules without a problem.

"I fill in last-minute requests with just one push of a button." - Emma Haeck, Adecco Belgium

Stations managers at a specific client of Adecco Belgium also use Beeple themselves. They are currently in the start-up phase, but they are already very enthusiastic about the tool. According to Emma, the managers have taken matters into their own hands and they keep their temporary employees always up-to-date about the use of Beeple.

Fewer no shows

Emma herself has very little or no trouble with temporary workers who do not show up, also known as "no-shows" in the profession. She can always count on her temporary employees. Beeple ensures the necessary rest. For example, if she  opens a schedule for the future, she can get results from it the same week: are there still many open shifts or is almost  everything already filled in? That way, she can always act quickly when she sees that not all vacancies have been filled.

"I find it very easy that I can enter evaluations for my temporary employees based on valuations." - Emma Haeck, Adecco Belgium

She  is  very  proud  of her  temporary  employees  and  their  use  of  Beeple. The  only  thing  that  can  still  be  worked  on is to proactively  communicate  their  availability. But  this  is  currently  not  a  problem  for  her  since  her  schedules  are always completed  filled -in on time.


Emma uses Beeple together with her colleagues from Adecco Belgium. Large candidate groups in Beeple have already been built up for certain sectors. It would be double work if everyone developed their pool for each sector and did not share it with anyone. So when Emma finds no one in her pool, she checks with her colleagues which temporary workers are in their database in order to find the perfect candidate.

"In that way, I can always answer my customers' questions," says Emma. "For example store A is still looking for a seller, then I look at my colleagues and I reply with "I have found someone with experience with stock, cash register, retail, ... I  think this is the right candidate for you."  This way I work proactively with my customers and openings are always filled in."

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