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Synergie: The 360-degree communication, online real-time planning and intelligent matching are reasons why Beeple adds value for Synergie Belgium

Synergie Belgium  is a leading temporary employment agency in Belgium with over 70 offices and 450 employees. They have a strong position in the production and logistics sector. They are also a sought-after partner in the retail sector with customers like Colruyt, Carrefour and Proximus. In 2017, they were looking for an online planning tool in which communication would run smoothly and consultants would have a 24/7 view of schedules. Exactly for these reasons, Beeple was chosen.

Real time planning information any time, anywhere?

Digital transition in regional offices

After the manual way of planning via Excel had reached its limit in 2017, Synergie started looking for an online planning tool. Beeple was chosen thanks to the straightforward communication possibilities with temporary employees and the live character of the tool. The fact that the temporary workers can indicate their availability themselves was a convenient surplus.

Synergie's Business Manager, Didier De Winne, was involved in the decision to use Beeple as an online planning tool. Now, three years later, the Synergie consultants are actively using Beeple to make online schedules and/or have temporary employees pass on their availabilities. Synergie stimulates a digital way of working, in which Beeple is actively promoted at the regional interim offices.


"In the beginning it was difficult to convince the consultants to work differently," says Didier De Winne. "Consultants are used to working very actively. They call temporary employees proactively or answer e-mails manually. Beeple can complete that task for them , allowing Synergie consultants to focus on contacts that really matter. So, it is a bit letting go by for example launching a vacancy in the tool, inviting suitable temps and then just waiting for the response that comes in automatically," Didier says. "That's quite an adaptation for them.”

"We notice that as soon as success is achieved by using Beeple, the consultants no longer want to say goodbye." - Didier De Winne, Business Manager Synergie

Effortless communication as biggest asset

Beeple has an integrated communication module that consultants can use to email temporary workers individually or simultaneously to multiple recipients via a campaign. The chat module is also a frequently used feature. For Synergie this was the decisive factor in choosing Beeple. "Not only the planning but also our communication with temporary employees is done through Beeple. We were even able to integrate our own SMS partner with Beeple so we could keep on working with the same partner," Didier says.

Why text messages and personnel planning are a perfect match?

For Synergie, the perfect Beeple workflow only consists of two steps. First, consultants create an online schedule based on the communicated availability of the temporary workers. Secondly, the consultants send specific campaigns for the shifts that have not yet been filled in, or for last-minute requests. Through intelligent matching, consultants can choose to only invite those candidates who are available and suitable. So, temporary employees only receive relevant mails and consultants only receive relevant answers.

"Why Beeple adds value? The 360-degree communication, online real-time planning and intelligent matching are the reasons why Beeple  adds  value." - Didier De Winne, Business Manager Synergie

Future vision for Synergie & Beeple

The group of about 30 consultants, spread across the different offices in Belgium, who now work with Beeple are the pilot for a complete switch to digital planning for all regional offices. In order to decide which offices will be digitized first, the needs of the interim clients are examined. Those offices where the biggest optimization gains are estimated will switch to Beeple first.

After the success story of Coöperatie Hoogstraten , Synergie is even more convinced to increase the use of Beeple in the various offices. "Moreover, we notice that where we have implemented Beeple so far, our consultants would really not be satisfied if we decided to move Beeple out," Didier says.

" Beeple brings added value to the company. - Didier De Winne, Business Manager Synergie

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