Keeping your flex workers: how do you do that?

Freelancers, on-call workers, seasonal workers, and temporary workers. Flex workers. Individuals without a permanent employment contract, and therefore, workers with fewer rights and securities. But oh so crucial for your staffing or recruitment agency. Thanks to their flexibility or their unique skills that you can leverage at the right moment.

So, it's nice when that indispensable flex worker feels connected to your staffing or recruitment agency. And becomes as flexible as they are reliable. And stays that way. How can you ensure that people want to stay with you in the current tight labor market?

• It starts with attracting the right candidates. Be where your target audience is. And then tell a clear story. About who you are, what you do, and especially about what you have to offer. Transparency in the recruitment process leads to loyalty in the future.

• Of course, it's essential to know and share what you want. But also, make sure to understand what the flex worker expects. And adjust your conditions accordingly. A permanent contract and a hefty sum of money sound good, but that's not what everyone is looking for. Flexibility, training, and development opportunities are equally important for the new generation. So, ditch those standard employment conditions, but delve into the target group and cater to their motivation.

• Attention is key. Listen carefully, ask for feedback, and keep the conversation going. And equally important: be honest about the possibilities. It's impossible to accommodate all seasonal workers or on-call workers who want to work more hours. But by working together to find solutions (for example, allowing flex workers to work elsewhere and even using your own network to help if necessary), people know where they stand. As we say in good Dutch: manage your clients' expectations.


Listening, communicating, asking questions, and being honest. In short, after reading this article, there's one thing you must remember for sure. And that's the term 'customization.' There is no standard solution for every flex worker. But by delving into the target group, you can tailor the package of conditions to the individual. Also, dare to let go if necessary. After all, a flex worker doesn't belong to you alone.

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