New feature: the selfie check-in

guy taking a selfie
At Beeple we launch a broad variety of new features every six weeks, ranging from completely new modules to improved existing features and bug fixes. Each release we highlight a new feature on our blog. In this edition you can get to know the new selfie check-in feature in the mobile application.

At Uber and Tinder it has been around for a while! They introduced photo verification by taking a selfie to verify the online profile and show that you really are the person you claim to be. Thanks to this innovative feature, users get a safer and better service.

Tinder has inspired us before when Beeple implemented job swiping.

Continuing to surprise customers with new, innovative features to provide them with an ever better service is a priority at Beeple, hence our six-weekly releases. It is therefore with pride that we are the first online planning tool to introduce the selfie check-in for employees.

As an employer, you can now ask your employees to add a selfie to verify their check-in. When employees start a work shift and check in using the app, they will be instructed to take a selfie to verify their check-in. Employees can make multiple attempts to take the perfect selfie. Nice picture? Keeping good snapshots in the photo gallery is of course an option!

You can find out how this works in Beeple in the video below.

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