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Data is everything. But also, many companies and agencies fail to analyze their staff and project data in order to improve their efficiency and cost management. 63% of HR professionals lack the right tools, time and skills to further analyze their HR data.

That is why Beeple partnered up with to help our customers making powerful dashboards and help them analyze their data!

User-friendly and powerful dashboard is an online tool that enables you to work smarter with your data by creating user-friendly but powerful dashboards. Within minutes you can work smarter, increase revenue and empower your customers. And that's exactly something we wanted for our Beeple customers! 

Before the integration with, Beeple customers could export their staff and project data to perform their own analysis. A good, but intensive way! Thanks to the integration with we can present this information, visually and in real-time.

"Reporting has always been crucial to our customers. We saw that clients have always used the export functionality. However, it asks a lot of time and effort to manually analyze these exports. Thanks to the integration with, customers can now view or create a ready-made report in just a few clicks."
- Karel Rabaut, CEO and co-founder Beeple

First customers creating online dashboard

Since the integration is operational at Beeple (mid-December), the dashboard feature fulfills the reporting needs of multiple customers - mostly active in employment agencies and big multinationals. Horeca Uitzendbureau Match Nederland, employment agency for the food sector in The Netherlands, was one of the first Beeple customers to test the integration.

"I love to get management information our of Beeple, for example which people haven't worked for some time. This gives us a better view on which employees are the most or the least active. On top of that, the dashboards help me to show our internal team how we are performing."
- Pepijn Kooiman, owner at Match Horeca Uitzendbureau 

Update: became Luzmo. The name may have changed, but the benefits are still the same.

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