4 reasons why real time is the 'best time' (according to our customers)

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Real time. One of our three credos. What real time means to us? Information that flows through. Between planner, supervisor and employee. Anywhere, anytime. Why is that so important? Speed and agility are ever-present in any organization. If everyone doesn't have accurate, updated information at all times, misunderstandings and mistakes happen quickly. Our customers know this all too well: they give four reasons why real time is the 'best time'.

Reason 1: overview at all times

No scribbling on the paper version of the planning. No new version of the Excel document. What then? A live implementation of changes in the online planning and additional communication for everyone affected.

Jelena Radonic, Hub Solutions Coordinator at the Adecco office in Roissy: "We have a clear overview of our flex workers' schedules."

Xavier Ribeaucourt, Senior HR Manager at Synergie: "The transparency is an advantage of the Beeple tool. Customers have a clear view on the progress of their planning."

Reason 2: last minute changes = piece of cake

Last minute changes are the nightmare of every planner and agency consultant. Partly understandable, partly unjustified. Of course, it's not nice when your schedule is thrown upside down at the last minute. Yet it doesn't have to be a hopeless situation.

Suppose a flex worker cancels the night before his or her morning shift. How do you solve that with Beeple? You go back to the availabilities that the flexwork pool gave up earlier. Using the handy filter, you see who had previously applied for this shift. With one push of the button you send this group an email and notification to tell them that a spot has become available. Before you know it, one of the reserve candidates has signed up for the shift. Once confirmed, this change also appears automatically in the planning overview. That way everyone is up to date. Problem solved! This solution brings a lot of relief to customers. And that includes ZEB:

Julie Rongé, HR Advisor Recruitment: "You can still schedule someone today for tomorrow. Changing someone for tomorrow at 5 pm is also perfectly possible. It really is super easy to adjust things or just reschedule."

Reason 3: opening hours are a thing of the past

The advantage of an online, real-time tool is that you can also handle urgent matters perfectly well outside opening hours. Where and when you want. They like that at Start People too.

Stefan Baudts, Unit Manager Retail: "With the Beeple app you can schedule online 24/7 so you don't need opening hours anymore."

Because many processes are automated, the planning continues to be completed outside of office hours even without your involvement. Did you send out invitations for shifts towards your pool just before the end of your workday? When you turn on your computer the next day, a large part of the planning will already have been filled in. If flexworkers accept the invitation, they are automatically scheduled and receive a confirmation e-mail. The flexworkers themselves and supervisors can also see how the planning is shaped live.

Xavier Ribeaucourt: "At any moment, whether someone is at home or somewhere else, you can sign in for a shift, confirm a shift, consult the planning, and so on. The fact that you can be reached at all times is an advantage."

Reason 4: noshow, what?

Liza Recordon, Project Manager at Adecco France: "We notice that there are fewer absences on the work floor thanks to the transparency between the planning client, the temp agency and the flex worker."

The schedule is updated live and is available anytime, anywhere. Automatic push notifications and reminders ensure that flex workers simply cannot forget their shift. Bye bye confusion and misunderstandings! Bye bye no shows!

At Amazon and you can place an order that is delivered the same day. That is the standard. Of course, flex workers can expect the same flow-through for their work orders. And real time is not only the best time for flexworkers, but also for you as a planner. The overview is maintained at all time, last minute changes are not a problem, opening hours do not limit you and noshows are now rare. Let that information flow in real time!

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