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Find answers to common questions about our scheduling software, clevergig and Beeple.

Can I get a free trial?

We don't offer the traditional free trial, but we don’t leave you hanging. Our tool is all about tailor-made magic, completely customizable to your needs. Before you dive in, we customise it to fit you like a glove. We believe in ensuring every user gets the right experience, and that's where our onboarding comes in.

So, no free trial, but hey, how about a personalised demo that showcases the Beeple experience crafted just for you? It's on the house and packed with all the customization insights you'll need. Request your demo here, one of our colleagues will contact you within one day to discuss what exactly you are looking for and see if we are a match.

Can I get a demo?

Absolutely! And yes, it's on the house! We believe in letting you test-drive the Beeple magic before committing. Request your demo here, one of our colleagues will contact you within one day to discuss what exactly you are looking for and see if we are a match.

What role does Visma play in Beeple?

From 2022 Beeple is part of the Visma Group. Visma plays a pivotal role in the growth and international expansion of our company. With Visma's support, Beeple aims to continue its strong presence in the Benelux and explore new markets abroad, especially in SaaS.

While becoming part of the Visma Group, Beeple retained its individuality, operating independently under its own name and with the current team. The shared values and cultural alignment between Visma and Beeple ensure an integration that benefits customers, employees, and both companies.

How does Beeple ensure data security and privacy?

At Beeple, we prioritize data security and privacy. Customers have control over permissions and data collection, while robust encryption safeguards sensitive information. Our flexible access controls ensure authorized access, supported by regular audits for compliance. We empower users with transparency and consent, we do this by complying with certifications that you can find here.

What is the difference between Beeple and Clevergig?

The main difference between the two products is the target audience. Beeple focuses on big companies and large temp agencies, while clevergig is the go to for SMEs and small temp agencies.  

Beeple is slightly more comprehensive in terms of functionalities, visit the various product pages for a detailed overview.

What types of businesses benefit most from Beeple?

Beeple is there for companies from all sectors and verticals, from healthcare to security, from logistics to retail. As long as you work with flexible shifts or temporary staff, Beeple can make the difference for you in your staff planning. Company size does not matter either, for large companies and temp agencies we recommend our product Beeple, SMEs and smaller temp agencies can work with the product clevergig. 

Yes, that's right, our software is also the go-to tool for temp agencies and large companies working with temporary workers. Because of our years of experience with that target group, we are also happy to be your sparring partner on how best to approach this collaboration!

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