People-oriented flexworkplanning as a must have: establishing a direct line with employees

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The time that temporary employees were viewed as disposable workers is over. Our customers are unanimous: flexwerk is becoming increasingly important and it is essential to build a good relationship with flexworkers.

Flexwork: from the margin to the core

In the past, flexworkers were at most useful for filling occasional gaps in the planning. Today, they are a crucial asset for responding flexibly and quickly to business realities. Organisations operate in volatile environments. Fluctuations in demand. Fluctuations in prices. These movements call for flexibility and therefore for flexible work.

A spike in demand because your product is suddenly a hype on TikTok? You deploy flex workers to cope with the extra production need. In a few weeks' time, less work is expected due to extreme weather conditions? Then the planning will only be filled with permanent employees. Smart and fast flex work planning is at the heart of healthy business operations. Our Dutch neighbours at Start People showed that the share of flex work in organisations increased by 9% from 2003 to 2015, to 12% in the Netherlands.

Connect, connect, connect

All the more reason to treat flex workers properly, just like your permanent staff, and perhaps even build up a relationship with them.

Why? You want to keep talent in house, even if the employee in question does not have a permanent contract. Talented flex workers are in demand and this will only increase in the future.

Several of our customers indicate that they also want to build a relationship with flex workers. How do you connect with this group? By being transparent, because correct information is the least that employees may expect. Passing on shifts on time, informing about tasks and clothing, reporting last-minute changes. Be reliable, get reliability in return. By the way, have you considered self-rostering?

Communication is key. At Beeple, we believe that first-line communication via SMS, chat, push and Messenger messages is crucial to connect with flexworkers. There is a continuous direct line between planner, supervisor and flex worker. This way, everyone is always up-to-date, everywhere.

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