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VUCAA: Invoicing handled in seconds

In the world of healthcare mediation - flexibility, vision, and quality are crucial, especially in these rapidly changing times. This also applies to VUCAA, a young and ambitious company founded by Hjørdis Penning. In this interview with Rico and Eliza from clevergig, Hjørdis shares her journey in the healthcare sector and how clevergig became their partner in simplifying their scheduling and invoicing.


Hjørdis, a seasoned professional in mental healthcare, started VUCAA in 2021. Her motivation was a desire for change and delivering added value in the healthcare sector. She saw inefficiencies and high costs in many mediation agencies and decided it needed to be different. VUCAA, an abbreviation with American roots, stands for embracing change in a hectic world. Through clevergig, the company not only offers ad-hoc services but also long-term assignments. Their mission is to ensure the quality of care and minimise turnover of professionals in departments.

Working in healthcare VUCAA serves a diverse clientele, including many healthcare professionals and institutions. Although they currently mainly work with independent professionals, they are expanding their services to recruitment and selection. This is what Hjørdis says about the current job market: "You can feel there is real pressure on the job market. There is also more regulation because now there are many agencies that do not know what they are doing. There are many organisations that enter the healthcare sector without any experience or research and agree to everything. That cannot just happen. There are certain conditions for working with freelancers, and people do not know that."

The management of VUCAA has years of experience in healthcare, which is a great advantage. This gives them a deep insight into what is important within a healthcare team and how to keep employees motivated. Moreover, they have connected with many professionals who are active in the healthcare sector not only from a financial perspective. The professionals really try to think along and be flexible with rates. This is definitely one of the benefits of working with VUCAA healthcare professionals. Hjørdis shares her thoughts on this: "Together we are strong, not only with the freelancers but also with the organisations and with you as software."

Scheduling and invoicing before clevergig

Before collaborating with clevergig, scheduling at VUCAA was done manually using Excel. This was time-consuming and error-prone. This is what Hjørdis says: "It was really undoable. Although we quickly started planning through your platform, we were still looking for a solution for invoicing, which was not available at that time. Manual invoicing took a lot of time and energy. Moreover, many of our clients received incorrect invoices from freelancers. When you introduced the invoicing module, we immediately implemented it."

Switch to clevergig

Hjørdis was immediately convinced of clevergig because of the strong similarity in vision. She describes clevergig as personal, modern, and cozy - exactly what the company was looking for. VUCAA immediately noticed improvements, especially in the speed at which services were filled in due to a larger reach via clevergig. "It's done in no time," says the owner. The app quickly became a favorite among the team and brought significant relief in their daily workload.

Moreover, Hjørdis emphasised some additional handy features that VUCAA experiences: "Initially, it started with just planning, but then the external managers came. That turned out to be very useful. The invoicing module is also a great addition. Invoicing can now be handled in seconds. Processing sleep shifts can be done in various ways, for example, by scheduling longer breaks or using the sleep shift function. clevergig also helps as a control system because diplomas, certificates, etc., can be uploaded to 'the back office' and can be provided with an expiration date. clevergig simply offers various separate tools that you can use to optimise functionality and maintain quality."

We also asked Hjørdis if she would recommend clevergig to others. "Without hesitation," she says, "but with a wink to the competitors". ;)

Clevergig's software has helped VUCAA optimize their healthcare mediation activities and stimulate their growth. They look confidently to the future in the ever-changing world of healthcare. We do too, now that we are so inspired by the fact that there are such driven companies committed to the healthcare sector. Thank you, Hjørdis, for your honesty and time. "Together we are strong," as you said, and that will continue to motivate us to keep going.

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