Case study

Het Sportbureau: We immediately noticed that Beeple could save us very much time.

Amitabha started as a secondment agency for sports teachers who are active throughout Belgium, but is also more and more focused on the promotion of vitality on the shop floor for a couple of years. Manon de Bart is responsible for Sales & Marketing at Amitabha and in addition to this, she does the account management, that is the recruitment and planning of the sports coaches.

Het Sportbureau (formerly Amitabha) mostly schedules her sports teachers on a daily, weekly, biweekly and/or monthly basis, but once in a while also for a single event. Because of that, their planning has no fixed system and all activities need to be specifically scheduled. Besides, they often have to deal with last-minute changes or cancellations, so a planning tool was indispensable for Amitabha. They used to work through email and calendar in Outlook, but all activities needed to be scheduled separately per sports teacher.

At the time, one of the Beeple Sales Executives contacted Manon to come and present the software to her. “We immediately noticed that the programme could save us very much time and we decided to go for it.” The kick-off phase was a bit difficult because of the lack of a permanent Customer Success Manager. Back then, Beeple was still a true start-up and the possibilities were consequently limited. In the meantime, a lot of new collaborators have been hired, so that every customer has a fixed Customer Success Manager, also Amitabha.

“We did not receive sufficient information beforehand about the possibilities of Beeple for our company. Fortunately, those problems were quickly solved as soon as we had a permanent contact person who we could always call/email in case of problems. Meanwhile, everything goes relatively well.”

From manual to automatic staff planning

When reporting worked hours in the old system, things were sometimes overlooked, because Manon and her colleagues had to enter everything manually. Thanks to Beeple, Amitabha could automate that process, with a minimal margin of error. “Our planning and billing can be transformed into an export on the basis of our scheduled hours. That way, those data cannot get lost anymore, while that did happen in Outlook.”

The hunt for suitable sports teachers is no longer the difficult task it used to be for Amitabha either. “In Beeple, the search for sports teachers is a piece of cake by means of the filters. In the past, we manually searched our file in Outlook, whereas we can now filter on different specifications, which saves us an enormous amount of time. We first look for collaborators within a radius of 35 km of the location. Then we go through the disciplines to see who could be eligible for our assignments. Those persons receive a message or a call.”

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