The advantages of an online planning tool for your temping agency

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Why should you invest in a planning tool if you can do everything via phone and email? Well, let’s see if you feel the same way after reading this article. Here is a list of four excellent reasons why you should switch to an online tool.

Reason 1: Clear planning

How wonderful would it be if you could consult your schedule anytime, anywhere? Checking which customer needs how many extra employees, or who is available to fill in specific shifts are all easy tasks one can complete by using an online planning tool. You, as a consultant, as well as all interim employees, can consult the overview of the up-to-date planning 24/7 and in real-time.

“The overview we get in Beeple is a great advantage, especially when you have to schedule a lot of people for different projects in a few days.” - Nadine Schönwald, Project Manager Tour de France Adecco.

Reason 2: An employee database with live availability

Having a large database of employees does not always make it easy to manage. But what is the art of getting the right person for a job out of such a huge database? A well-organized database in which you can easily find everything is every consultant's dream, right? By using an online planning tool like Beeple, you can create a digital overview of your employees that you can categorize by language, diploma, experience, evaluation and availability. Or you can create any type of filter yourself. Everything is ready for you to efficiently find the right candidate for an assignment super quickly.

Another challenge to your job: filling in last-minute applications. This is where our online tool comes in really handy to help you quickly assess who is available from your pool of employees and who can do the job. In Beeple, employees can easily register their availability in the mobile app or via the web app on the computer. Then, you can either invite the employee that fits the credentials perfectly, or you can send an invitation for a specific job to an entire selection of candidates in just one click.

Reason 3: One automated cloud-based system

It's time to throw those paper resumes and application notes in the bin and replace them with a secure cloud-based system. Working with a cloud-based planning tool such as Beeple offers many advantages. First of all, employees can pass on, adjust and view their working hours anywhere around the globe. Secondly, planners or consultants can also check the already completed planning and approve applications from anywhere. By eliminating the use of paper, you no longer have to enter anything manually and this significantly reduces the chance of errors. And at last, all your document and candidate profiles are safely online. So your inner-pack rat cannot be blamed for loosing information.

"What do I think of Beeple ? It's time-saving. The connectivity of different communication platforms is exceptional.Beeple continues to evolve."- Sven Cautaerts, Founder BXL Students.

Reason 4: Easy registration of additional worked hours

What if your interim workers do extra hours or are responsible for passing on the hours worked to the office? Do you still complete these actions by phone or e-mail? In Beeple, employees can enter their worked hours via the mobile application without having to take into account the opening hours of the office. The consultant sees this registration coming in and can approve the hours whenever they’re ready. A monthly or weekly overview of all hours worked per temp or customer can easily be executed via an export.

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