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An online staff management tool

Beeple is an online tool to manage temporary and flexible employees in just a few clicks. Beeple offers a complete online tool to manage your staff database, post jobs, invite the right employees, automatically send call sheets, engage in online coaching and pay your employees online. We are proud to be able to announce that Beeple is the most complete tool on the market.

Modularity as fundamental principle

Beeple is a white-labeled, modular tool. This means that both the look and feel as well as the composition of the platform can be fully matched to the needs and wishes of your organization. It is possible to fully customize your Beeple platform with your organizations’ logo, colors, jargon, text and documents. The modularity in turn ensures that your platform consists of components that your organization really needs. That cuts through complexity and price.

Beeple offers a complete online tool to recruit, manage vacancies, screen employees, create a staff planning, facilitate time registration, update administration automatically and pay employees in a smooth, online way.

Beeple does staff management, you your core business

Beeple comes with the opportunity to save up to 66% of your time. Thanks to the digitization of staff management, Beeple saves a great deal of administration and puzzle work during the creation of staff schedules. Digital and automatic pool management results in a 40% reduction in scheduling costs.  

Beeple offers a large selection of communication possibilities. The possibilities range from rather basic to advanced, depending on the package. There are options to send out email campaigns, set up notifications, link chat and social media to the tool and install pop-ups. Thanks to the different communication possibilities you can approach your employees in a personalized way. This pleasant way of communicating will ensure that employees get a greater affinity with your organization. After all, they only receive communication that is relevant to them. Thanks to the different segmentation possibilities, the selection of your team will be smoother, more qualitative and you will experience 12% less situations where an employee does not show up.

Your organization will work a lot more efficiently and teams will be able to focus on what is really important, the core business. There will be 66% more time to prospect new customers, maintain relationships with existing customers and build quality staff pools.

Deployable in a wide range of sectors and organizations

Annually, 12.3 million working hours are planned across various sectors through Beeple. Beeple is market leader in Belgium and has active customers in 28 different countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Italy, but also Canada, the United States and the United Emirates.

These clients are active in the healthcare, sports, retail, security, cultural, hospitality, event and temporary employment sector or as NGOs. Beeple supports them in all aspects of staff management. From scheduling staff during sporting events at Golazo to scheduling students across the various branches of ZEB. From interaction between planner and employee at deSingel to detailed time registration of security agents for G4S. From making a better planning overview and communication with Alcatraz festival employees to the flexible deployment of temporary workers for Synergie.

Beeple is modular and white-labeled and therefore the tool can be composed and designed completely according to the wishes and needs of an organization.

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