Case study

ZEB: Since using the tool, employee satisfaction has increased from 70% to 85%.

Fashion chain ZEB was one of the first Adecco clients to integrate the Beeple planning system. Communication between the Adecco offices and ZEB stores initially occurred via email and Excel sheets, which was not always smooth. Now that the scheduling of ad-hoc workers (mainly students) is done through Beeple, all these issues have been resolved.

ZEB uses Beeple as an end-to-end staffing tool for temporary workers.

All aspects of scheduling students are managed through Beeple, including recruitment, screening, and onboarding of new students, online planning (by shop managers), digital check-in/out, timekeeping, evaluations, and automatic exports for payroll processing.

Beeple offers user-friendliness, overview, and time savings.

Communication with temporary workers (students) is done through Beeple, making communication much smoother than before. They can be contacted not only via email or SMS but even through their Facebook profile. Moreover, they can log in to the web platform themselves to indicate their availability for specific dates and hours. This simplifies and speeds up the collaboration between the various parties involved. Moreover, the paper era is definitively a thing of the past. Being 100% 'paperless' is just one of the benefits that Beeple can guarantee.

Multiple branches on board

Currently, the head office, the logistics department, and 31 of the 62 stores operate in this manner. The planning and hour registrations are managed simultaneously for all branches from one Beeple account. This ensures that all parties have an overview of performance at all times.

"We are very satisfied, there is no doubt about it," says Nathalie Apers, recruiter at ZEB. "And our students also give positive feedback. A survey revealed that students particularly appreciate being able to log in to the platform themselves, enter their availability, and see when a job is available without having to contact the temp agency. Since using the tool, employee satisfaction has increased from 70% to 85%.

The added value of Beeple for the staffing sector

The ZEB case is a great example of the added value Beeple offers to the staffing sector. Clients demand cost savings and expect increasingly higher quality of work delivered. With Beeple, Adecco can optimize its service to clients like ZEB.

The Beeple web platform offers a new way to digitize the staffing sector, resulting in higher productivity and placement rates. For ZEB, the occupancy rate increased from 60% to 80%, and a 66% efficiency gain was measured. This gain was primarily achieved by reducing phone calls, less email traffic, and requiring less follow-up. The shop manager can perfectly manage the pool of students themselves. As a result, 70% of the students could be deployed without any intervention from the temp agency.

Sector recognition for digital transformation

Adecco's development and use of the Beeple web platform are renewing the process of selecting, recruiting, and scheduling flexible workers. The HR Excellence award is a significant public recognition from the sector for the steps Adecco is taking in terms of digitalization and reducing low-value-added activities. Through the Beeple tool, Adecco has a complete package at its disposal that not only facilitates selection, recruitment, and payroll processing but also enables communication with temporary workers.

Digital transformation is a crucial strategic priority within The Adecco Group. Digital innovation is necessary as candidates and temporary workers increasingly prefer digital processes, even in their job search.

"It's logical, as the world becomes increasingly digitalized, our business cannot escape this process. As a global market leader, we have no choice but to take a leading role in this movement. We must remain relevant, keep up with the times, and seek innovations to make life easier for our clients, our temporary workers, and our consultants," explains Nico Reeskens, Country Manager of The Adecco Group in Belgium.


Adecco wins HR Excellence Award with an interesting case regarding the web platform Beeple

For the eighth consecutive year, the Belgian HR Excellence Awards were presented. Adecco, a part of The Adecco Group, was chosen for the fourth time as the Best Staffing & Sourcing Company. The award is a recognition of Adecco's submitted case of the web platform Beeple and its proven efforts in digitalization and process improvement. Innovations in this area facilitate the selection, recruitment, and payroll processing of flexible workers, to the satisfaction of clients, temporary workers, and employees.

The HR Excellence Awards are presented for and by the Belgian human resources sector. Nominees were evaluated based on a specific case study they could choose within their area of expertise. Innovative approaches, quality of service, and measurable results were taken into consideration.

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