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On October 27th Lieven Annemans withdrew from the advisory council Celeval. A few days later he published his letter of resignation in which he gave a final, non-binding advice. His seventh advice-point is the following: A reduction of the administrative burden and improvement of the job quality in health care. The administrative and logistic burden, both in healthcare and in other sectors, has been a struggle for many of our clients for years. Efficiency is one of our essential values and therefore we have no choice but to elaborate on this matter. Where are the opportunities to eliminate the administrative ballast in many jobs in the future?  

Administrative and logistic tasks as an obstacle

It is a problem that is regularly highlighted by our new customers when we speak to them for the first time. The administrative and logistic burden has become sky-high in many professions. We can take the healthcare sector as an example. Filling out, signing and sending documents has become a daily task for doctors and nursing staff. Tasks such as distributing food and making beds in hospitals and residential care centers are often carried out by medical staff unnecessarily.

This when exactly the medical expertise of doctors and nurses is crucial in many cases, especially at this time. The fact that employees with certain areas of expertise are often scarce or even inadequate should ensure that tasks are divided optimally. Employees should be as focused as possible on practicing the essence of their job, which is within their field of expertise. Unfortunately, we see that this is not the case in many organizations today.

Back to the core

The question then is how to make sure that everyone can get back to the core of his or her profession. First of all, bring decision-makers in your organization together with people in the field to see where there is margin for improvement and how to make use of it. Identify which administrative and logistical tasks are intrinsically linked to and remain essential for certain jobs in the organization. Once this is clearly mapped out, compare those essential administrative and logistical responsibilities with the current division of tasks. Which tasks are auxiliary or subordinate to the job? Make a choice as to whether these tasks are better suited to another job, can be passed on to another colleague or ideally can be digitized. In this way, you review the division of tasks so that everyone can be as busy as possible with the core of his or her profession.

Administration digitization via personnel scheduling

What if you don't pass on certain administrative tasks to an employee at another department but digitise them? That's something Beeple is committed to. Thanks to automated screening, planning and time registration, we help organizations to redeploy their people to tasks where they are essential. This way we also save our customers a lot of administrative worries, time and possible human errors.

Seize crisis as an opportunity

The current corona crisis exposes this pain point in the health sector. But let's not turn a blind eye to others sectors as these problems are spread over many other sectors. Although we prefer to see this as an opportunity rather than a problem. An opportunity to get people back to the essence of their profession. An opportunity to make leaps in efficiency. An opportunity to do better. Turning your back on this opportunity after this turbulent period and forgetting about it would be a missed opportunity. We like to seize this opportunity with both hands to make our customers do even better than they to today.

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