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Beeple and Group S provide an answer together to the trend of temporary and flexible workers

About Group S  

Group S is an HR service provider that supports 20,000 employers and 40,000 self-employed people. With a 360° offer, it wants to unburden entrepreneurs from A to Z. Group S was founded more than 80 years ago. Around 700 employees work in 20 offices. Every month, some 500,000 payroll calculations are performed.

Beeple and Group S provide an answer together to the trend of temporary and flexible workers

Temporary and flexible workers are increasingly present in the labour market. To respond to this trend, Beeple has entered into a partnership with HR service provider Group S.  

In recent years, there has been a strong demand for convenient solutions for these flexible employees with their specific status. Group S will therefore offer the Beeple workforce scheduling software to its customers and will give an enormous boost to the efficiency of workforce scheduling, payroll and payments.  

"The past few years, the demand to be able to work more flexibly has grown enormously. Legislation permits this more and this is also reflected in the demand for handy solutions in the area of HR", Marc Peeters, CEO of Group S, explains. "We notice that employees are also increasingly opting for a combination of a permanent job, sometimes part-time, and an additional flexitime. Beeple is currently widely used in different sectors where flexiworkers such as temps, students and volunteers are employed. We are very pleased that thanks to the cooperation with Beeple we can offer our customers an additional innovative tool."  

Overview, control and real-time

Thanks to the user-friendly nature of Beeple, Group S customers can easily create hourly schedules by publishing open shifts and/or using the self-scheduling capabilities. Flex workers get control over their schedule through an availability calendar in which they can report absences and holidays. Via the mobile application, they always have the latest version of the work schedule with them and they can easily register their presence and hours worked on site.  

Our CEO, Karel Rabaut is also very pleased with this new partner. "Beeple is proud of its partnership with Group S, an established player in HR. With our tool, we want to give more ownership to employees and increase transparency about working hours, work schedule and planning. We are happy to support Group S in this and to be part of their strong digital positioning."  

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