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clevergig software is perfect for your staffing and mediation agency in healthcare. With clevergig and our simple app, you can easily build files, generate detailed reports, and save your staff time.

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clevergig is personal, modern, and inviting. Everything is arranged so smoothly. The invoicing module is also a fantastic addition. Invoicing can now be processed in just a few seconds. clevergig simply offers various standalone tools that you can use to optimise functionality and maintain high quality.



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Mediating in healthcare is challenging

The healthcare market is busy. There is a high demand for mediation agencies in healthcare, but also a lot of supply. Responding quickly and effectively to requests and invoicing on time is crucial.

A lot of manual work and stress

clevergig has built the right tools for easy automation of time-consuming tasks for mediation agencies in healthcare. Planning weekend and last-minute evening shifts can be super fast when your flex pool receives a push notification via mobile. This makes the shifts fill within minutes, allowing you to focus on further growth of your business.

Unpredictable market

Running a healthcare business can be unpredictable with ever-evolving regulations. This requires overview and focus. With a well-organised tool, you can handle the unpredictability. That's exactly what clevergig does for mediation agencies: it provides peace and overview.

Wrong and slow invoices

As a mediator, you bear a lot of risk with delayed payments. Automating invoicing reduces the error margin and speeds up cash flow. This way, you don't have to spend hours checking your invoices, and your employees have an additional advantage with you as a mediation agency in healthcare!

Mediating in healthcare is challenging

For your healthcare mediation agency, it's crucial to always have information about your flex pool in order and at hand. In Clevergig, you can easily build files. This way, all information and the associated documents of your freelancers are in one place, and everyone within the company can quickly find them.

clevergig's mobile apps are specially designed for easy mediation on both sides: managers and freelancers. Marcos, one of the freelancers from PlanningZorg told us about the employee app: "It's very clear and organized. It's very quick with the app: you notify when you've worked half an hour longer, services are assigned, and with one click, you're scheduled."

Copying and pasting an invoice in Word is easy for 1-2 invoices, but not when you work with 30-50 freelancers in healthcare. With our invoicing module, you set up all your rate agreements, costs, and margins. With one click, all invoices for your agency are automatically generated. You just have to send them.

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