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Ardore Catering: Last minute changes are easily dealt with through Beeple.

The catering business Ardore bakes traditional pizza’s in their own authentic wood ovens on events in Belgium and the Netherlands. Ardore is Italian for warmth and cosiness and that’s what they are trying to bring to customers and visitors on events. Sanne Jacobs en Keani Clement are the business managers of Ardore and the ones who steer everything in the right direction. They are responsible for the operation of the organization, the administration, the communication and the planning.

Extensive functionalities to plan catering staff

Ardore always has to deal with different locations, employees and expectations. That is why a great communication and clear schedule are essential. They needed a more efficient planning given the growing workforce, because manually managing, scheduling and following up the personnel became impossible. Before the managers worked with Beeple, they tried out another program. “We tried out both systems simultaneously and we eventually had a preference for Beeple. The extensive functionalities, the support and the constant improvements in the tool provided an extra certainty to the future. The tool will always be supported and expanded.” Beeple enables Ardore to grow further without losing control, thanks to the centralization of the collaborators, schedule, communication and payroll.

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Central communication with flexstaff

The communication section is the main advantage for Sanne. The communication now happens automatically through text messages and email. Before they used Beeple, this was done manually through different channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, text messages, email and telephone. Those data were entered in Excel. Whenever changes occurred, they had to be modified in Excel and communicated to the collaborators again. The communication between the schedule and the collaborators is now done automatically. Availabilities of all the collaborators are requested, Sanne only has to add them to a certain schedule when they’re available. When collaborators are scheduled, they will be informed automatically after which they can accept or decline the offer.

“Everything is centralized in one tool;” says Keani, “that tool can be consulted by the employee and the employer. There are fewer misunderstandings, because everyone knows where and when he has to be somewhere.”

Payroll integration

Ardore was stuck with a lot of administrative work, namely the social and legal organization of employee contracts . All the worked hours are monthly listed and sent to the social secretariat. A double input of data slows down the process considerably and a typo is very likely. Since Ardore opted for a payroll integration in Beeple, this is now done automatically. Even last minute planning’s become easy and always happen correctly with this integration. Sanne received already many positive reactions of collaborators. “They receive their contracts digitally and are able to sign them in the same way. Because of our link with Easymatch, I’m sure that everyone is paid out correctly for their worked hours.”

“Everything is centralized in one tool that can be consulted by the employee and the employer. There are fewer misunderstandings, because everyone knows where and when he has to be somewhere.”

Last-minute changes covered

Last minute changes can cause a lot of stress. They are more common in certain sectors than in others, but they frequently occur in the catering sector. Sanne indicates that this applies to Ardore as well. “We also have to deal with a lot of last minute changes, for example employees who have cancelled and have to be replaced. This is easily done through Beeple. Not only the communication to the employee is automatically, but the creation and transfer of contracts as well. We try to plan in advance as much as possible but it nevertheless remains typical of the sector to have last minute changes.”

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