Enough work in healthcare: where do you find candidates as a staffing agency?

There is a large shortage of personnel in Healthcare. Departments are forced to close, and healthcare institutions can no longer guarantee quality care. And this is not expected to improve anytime soon. A big opportunity for you as a staffing agency. But where do you get your flexible workers from? Here are a few practical tips.

Define your goal

Before you even start, you need to think about your goal. What do you want to achieve? Do you want to become a local player or would you prefer to operate regionally? Do you want to start small and stay small, or do you want to eventually grow into a large company?

Define the profile of your candidate

What is the profile of your ideal candidate? Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience: What concerns them? What media do they consume? Where do you encounter them in the online and offline world? In short: define your buyer persona. You could make a difference between already active freelancers and people who still have a permanent job but may be willing to work as freelancers. Approach both groups with a separate message.

Define your added value

What do you offer your candidates that they cannot find elsewhere? What makes you stand out? Do you have interesting clients? Do you offer additional services such as assistance with administration or invoicing?

Determine how you match supply and demand

Make sure you arrange the supply first. Not the most fun part, but a necessary one. Without healthcare professionals in your database, you cannot fill requests from institutions. Look for candidates in one city, with only a few levels of healthcare professionals. Start small and focus! The more different levels you want to offer, for example, from day one, the harder it becomes to fill all requests for these levels.

Determine your traction channels

Your traction channels are activities and channels you can use to generate rapid growth. Think of viral marketing, events, content marketing, etc. However, which channels work for you? Make an initial selection of three channels and conduct quick experiments. You cannot know in advance what works for you, so try a few things and see what happens. Dare to experiment and try different paths that you have not used before. We provide a few ideas here, but there are of course countless other ways.


Use Facebook groups, your own social media network, or approach LinkedIn profiles by using keywords like 'freelancer' and 'healthcare'. Make sure you have a website that stands out with a form that every flexible worker would love to fill out.


Ask your existing people if they want to work more and if they know other people who might want to work. You can offer a referral fee for this. You can also send letters and follow them up with a phone call. You can purchase addresses through a list broker, but make sure to comply with privacy legislation.

Existing platforms

Use existing communities such as freelance associations in healthcare. Many healthcare professionals come together in those, so you can approach a large group more quickly. Perhaps there are events where you can meet potential candidates, or you can publish a call in the newsletter of such platforms.

Which channel works for you? We're curious which traction channels you're going to use right away! Or maybe you already use some and want to share your experiences. Let us know in a comment below!

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