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Level 24/7: 'Clevergig is an investment you only make once'

About Level 24/7

Level 24/7 is a staffing agency operating in education and childcare. It originated from another organisation founded by the founders, where they had many sports staff employed, to whom they wanted to offer more hours. Nowadays, it's not just about sports. The company can now dispatch 80 flex workers weekly and is focused on the pedagogical field, with ambitions in healthcare. We went to Rotterdam to interview Vincent Krijgsman, director of Level 24/7, about their planning process within their agency, before and after using clevergig since 2019. Curious about their results? Read on!

Planning before clevergig

Like most agencies, assignments at Level 24/7 came in every morning. The biggest challenge was that it was a lot of work and took a lot of time to fill new shifts. "So, you spent the whole morning on the phone with everyone, sending dozens of messages, just to see if you could find people available for that shift," says Vincent. Level 24/7 sought a way to improve general processes and increase efficiency. Platform work was already very common in the staffing industry, so they also wanted to work in that direction. At that time, they also talked to other planning and time registration providers, but clevergig ultimately proved to be the best match. Vincent admits, "making that switch was exciting, but we thought: 'it's an investment you make once.'"

Switch to clevergig

At Level 24/7, it took some time before they really started using clevergig. Because everyone was used to working via apps and phone calls, people within the company were not ready to do everything differently at once. Then clevergig suggested that extra support would be offered for a while to experience the ease of use of clevergig. That's how it started, Vincent says: "There's a kind of startup phase, where you have to enter your clients, put in the locations, make sure all the locations of the clients and employees in the system are correct. Your employees need to ensure that their profiles are fully filled. But once you've done that once and you keep everything neat afterward, it yields so much. Once you've made that investment, the time you save is enormous." According to Vincent, the problem with the planning and time registration system is often that some people immediately understand how it works, but the rest has difficulty. With clevergig, it was different: everyone could easily work with it, from managers to flex workers.


Experience with clevergig

Time savings

Vincent indicates: "The biggest advantage of clevergig is time savings. There are many things we no longer have to do manually. If I receive a shift, it's fully entered within 30 seconds. Personnel is sometimes matched to a shift within two minutes. Where we sometimes get the question from customers: 'How do you do that?' For us, it just works three times as fast." At Level 24/7, people also use clevergig as a CRM system by keeping a logbook. For example, if a program manager has visited a school and made a report, they also put that in clevergig. So, employees who subsequently go to the same school can always look back at what was discussed. By just clicking on the school, all the information appears.


"We really see that thanks to clevergig, we still have the opportunity to grow every week. In the past year, we've grown about 20%, and I dare say that's also thanks to clevergig." Vincent says people like working with clevergig, and it leaves more time for them to find customers and employees, which then contributes to growth. He also mentions that, besides planning, they can get more out of it: "We don't use clevergig's electronic invoicing, but we often use a printout to check the hours and then send it to a customer. This makes it easier for us to create our invoices, instead of extracting everything from Excel sheets. That's time-saving. It's not just a planning aspect but also a control system at the back. It just works much faster with clevergig."

Good investment for starters

We were also curious about what Level 24/7 would recommend to companies considering clevergig: "If you're a small organization, I would definitely recommend it at the beginning. The costs to start with clevergig are so low, and it gives you such an easy chance to grow. You recoup the costs of a Starter subscription so incredibly quickly as a small organization. Calculate it: if you pay yourself about 50 euros per hour, you already make a profit within 6 hours. And the stress it takes away from you hasn't even been included in the calculation. As a startup, it's such an asset to grow quickly and easily without many costs and without much stress."

Easy to use

"If we have a question about the program, we can solve 90% ourselves. I think clevergig is very well developed, especially for an organization like Level 24/7. You reach everyone with just one press of a button. You're always open to suggestions when we say we miss something. There are continuous updates; it keeps developing. And always according to the customer's question and wish, which we find very important." - Vincent says.


Finally, we talked about technical support: "Contact with clevergig is always pleasant: super fast and good. Even if someone is on vacation, you are always available and ready to help. The moment I email support, everything is resolved within half an hour. It's not just software that can achieve business success, but it's also personal."


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