How to find healthcare professionals for your staffing agency in the healthcare industry

The shortage of good and qualified personnel in Healthcare continues to rise, while at the same time, more and more healthcare providers decide to work as independent contractors. More independents see their chance. And the number of staffing agencies is therefore also growing rapidly. After all, at first glance, relatively little is needed, and the threshold is low. But where do you find your first people? With these five tips, you're on your way to succeed.

Use your own network

When you start a staffing agency in Healthcare, you often have a background in that industry yourself. You have made contacts and worked with many colleagues or other freelancers on the floor. That means you have a whole network around you! Make use of it. All those people you know also have their own network. Ask your network for recommendations so that others also get to know your agency. You can use a referral bonus for this, but it's certainly not necessary. Often people are simply willing to help you.

Cold calling

In addition to this so-called warm acquisition, you can also search for potential candidates yourself. You can search the Chamber of Commerce database for independent contractors in Healthcare. Or you can buy a data list from a company like Ad Hoc Data. Of course, you can also use Google Search to find freelancers and self-employed individuals in Healthcare. Then you approach these people by phone, email, or – old school – a letter. Not many entrepreneurs like cold calling, but it can still be very effective. And consider that 'cold' doesn't literally have to be cold. First, check the website of the person you're calling. Perhaps you'll find a hook that makes the conversation much more personal. And as an independent contractor, you understand what's important to other independent contractors, right? Use that understanding.

Ensure you're findable online

Make sure people can find you online. That means not only having a website but also that the website is easily findable among all the other staffing agencies. Use a chat function and ensure you have an easy registration form. Regularly blog about interesting topics and be active on social media. In short: showcase your best stuff online.

Use paid online campaigns

Your target audience can be effectively approached with targeted advertising. So, make use of paid campaigns on Facebook or LinkedIn. You can start small. For example, with a test campaign of €100. See how many clicks it generates and ensure you have a good page where people can leave their details.

Take care

You're mediating in Healthcare. So, take good care of your people yourself. They have a lot of choices, so it's very important that they are satisfied and keep coming back to you. Be distinctive in how you treat your people and what services you offer them. If your existing pool is satisfied with you, they will speak positively about you and recommend your agency to others. And so, you can gradually expand.

How do you ensure the progress of your agency? And what standards do you use for that? Let us know in the comments!

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