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Thanks to the communication features of the tool, we send out a fortnightly newsletter with the events we are still looking for volunteers for, and if we need someone very last-minute, we send all volunteers in the right region a quick pop-up message.


Event team member, Inter Vlaanderen

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‘It’s an incredibly useful system for us, the schedulers and our staff. We use Beeple to create all the events that we’re seeking volunteers for. Volunteers sign up for the shifts that they find most appealing and we then decide which candidates to accept. We always try to take our staff members’ preferences into account – we usually solve the puzzle pretty quickly,’ adds Michel.


Responsible for fundraising, Tumbador

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Align staff planning with your mission and projects

In the dynamic world of non-profit organizations (NGOs), effective staff scheduling is essential for mission success. However, NGOs often encounter unique challenges that can hinder efficient workforce management and impact overall productivity. Here are the key pain points faced by NGOs in staff scheduling:

Mission Alignment

Aligning staff schedules with the organization's mission and goals can be challenging. NGOs often have diverse initiatives and programs, requiring staff to be assigned to projects that align with the organization's mission. Ensuring that staff members are deployed to projects where their skills and expertise best serve the organization's objectives is crucial but can be complex to manage.

Funding Constraints

Limited funding resources pose significant challenges for NGOs when it comes to staff scheduling. Budget constraints may result in understaffing, overburdening existing staff, or reliance on volunteers to fill critical roles. Balancing staffing needs with available funding while maintaining service quality and organizational sustainability requires strategic planning and resource allocation.

Project-based Planning

NGOs typically operate on a project-based model, with staff assigned to specific initiatives or programs. Project-based planning involves coordinating staff schedules around project timelines, deadlines, and deliverables. Managing multiple projects simultaneously while ensuring adequate staffing levels and skill sets can be demanding, particularly when projects have variable durations and resource requirements.

Align staff planning with your mission and projects

Beeple provides customizable scheduling templates tailored to the diverse projects and initiatives of NGOs, ensuring that staff schedules align with the organization's mission and goals. This allows NGOs to efficiently allocate resources and assign staff to projects that best contribute to their overarching objectives.

Beeple offers flexible pricing plans suitable for NGOs with limited funding resources. By providing budget-friendly options and transparent pricing structures, Beeple helps NGOs manage staffing costs effectively while ensuring adequate coverage and support for their programs and initiatives.

Beeple's platform offers real-time visibility and collaboration features, enabling NGOs to track planning progress, monitor staff availability, and communicate seamlessly with team members. This enhances coordination and communication across planning, mitigating the challenges associated with project-based planning and ensuring smooth operations for NGOs.

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