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Managing schedules, time tracking, and invoicing in the dynamic world of temping agencies just got a whole lot easier with Beeple. Our all-in-one software platform puts everything you need at your fingertips, empowering you to efficiently plan assignments and maintain a clear overview of your agency's activities. Beeple: Your Direct Line to Temp Workers and Clients.

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The consultants now have time to concentrate on their core service: finding the right person for the job and guiding candidate and client towards success


Officer Commercial Excellence, Agilitas

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Why Beeple adds value? The 360-degree communication, online real-time planning and intelligent matching are the reasons why Beeple adds value.


Business Manager Synergie

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We notice that employees are increasingly opting for a combination of a permanent job, sometimes part-time, and an additional flexitime. We are very pleased that thanks to the cooperation with Beeple we can offer our customers an additional innovative tool.

Marc Peeters

CEO, Group S

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Knowing the availability of candidates in advance is a considerable timesaver. Once the candidates have filled in their work availability, they receive the right job proposals by email or SMS which they can accept or reject.


Branch Manager, Adecco France

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Temping Agencies

Less administration, more action in temping agencies

Struggling with inflexible scheduling, manual administrative burdens, and disjointed IT systems? You're not alone. Many temp agencies grapple with these challenges, hampering their efficiency and effectiveness in a competitive market.

Manual Administrative Tasks

Traditional temp agency workflows are often bogged down by manual administrative tasks, such as scheduling, shift management, and communication. Without efficient self-service options for temp workers and clients, agencies may spend excessive time and resources on these manual processes, leading to decreased productivity and increased overhead costs.

Lack of Customization Options

Temp agencies often struggle with rigid software systems that don't adapt to their specific needs. Without the ability to customize the setup structure, agencies may find it challenging to organize their planning efficiently. This can lead to confusion, inefficiencies, and difficulties in meeting the unique requirements of different clients, branches, or industries.

Limited Integration Capabilities

Integration with existing IT systems is crucial for temp agencies to streamline their operations and ensure seamless communication between different platforms. Without robust integration capabilities like those offered by Beeple, agencies may face challenges in syncing data, managing candidate information, and processing payroll efficiently. This can result in data silos, errors, and inefficiencies across the organization.

Less administration, more action in temping agencies

Choose how you want to organize the planning of your temporary agency: per client, per branch or office, per country or even per industry. The possibilities are endless, whether you want to centralize or decentralize your clients in one portal or multiple portals.

Beeple can be used as a multi-supplier tool, to involve other suppliers next or under you to serve a client.

Let temp workers and clients take ownership of their planning. Via the Beeple mobile app, temp workers can claim shifts, enter their availabilities, update their profile and register their working hours.

Clients can submit staffing requests in the Beeple portal and thanks to the provided availabilities of temp workers, smart matching is done. You confirm matches and fill in the open spots.

The easy and intuitive interface will allow your staff and temp workers to work with a high-end tool that makes them happy. Reduce incoming and outgoing telephone calls by using the real-time communication tools in Beeple: email campaigns, chat, and push notifications. Send briefings and call sheets automatically to the scheduled temp workers and make sure they're always well-prepared for their work shift.

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