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In less than a month, the entire EcoCare-project with all its employees and locations went live with Beeple

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EcoCare is the Healthcare division of Ecolog, a world-leading provider of integrated services for healthcare, logistics and IT. Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, EcoCare has been offering specialised healthcare services connected to the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to its scalable capacity and solutions, EcoCare is a reliable partner for the pandemic – with extremely short lead times whenever and wherever needed. EcoCare has taken a highly active role in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Its work has involved setting up and operating certified test and vaccination centres.

Almir Muaremi has been working as an HR-manager at Ecolog for 5 years and was thus closely involved in the implementation of Beeple within Ecocare Project. “Each Ecolog-project needs its own approach and way of planning. Since and because of the outbreak of the COVID pandemic, Ecolog created "EcoCare" that can provide specific healthcare services, including numerous test centres and vaccination sites. This project was a little different from the others: many different locations and the number of personnel per location was lower than other projects, which presented us with a challenge in terms of planning and collecting timesheets on time. So, we started looking for a planning tool with an automated check-in and check-out option. We found it in Beeple.”

Discover the added value of Beeple in Belgian vaccination centers

A tool for avoiding unnecessary overtime

Before the switch to a planning tool, planning employees was a challenge for some managers, causing the volunteers and other staff to work many extra hours. "Employees were getting tired of working overtime so we needed to find a solution. The most important requirements were a clear, centralised tool in which we could supervise, plan also record the number of hours worked, and have transparency on their shifts and working hours" Almir explains.  

It was very important for Ecolog that the tool was customisable. There were several projects such as vaccination centres and test sites. It goes without saying that these different kinds of projects do not have the same needs in terms of staff, access and settings. Almir: "Beeple is a very flexible, customisable tool that could meet our requirements. Employees could indicate their unavailability, be deployed at different locations nearby to their homes, and easily record their hours worked. As a result, we had a central database, an accurate picture of the number of hours worked, and, most importantly, satisfied employees."

Go-live in less than one month

The most exceptional thing about EcoCare, was the short time frame in which it was live. In less than a month, the entire project with all its employees and locations went live with Beeple. " As with any new process integration, there were some difficulties showing up on the live environment at first, but the Beeple-team was very supportive in acting quickly and creating the fix in a timely manner. Employees who were sceptic at the beginning soon realised that it was a huge time-saver, transparent, and easy to use. says Almir, “Beeple is undoubtedly a useful tool."

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