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2theloo grows (digitally): 10 countries, 220 locations, 1 planning tool

You're on a city trip and you urgently need to pee. Do you know the feeling? Thanks to 2theloo, the search for a public toilet is no longer a horror. In ten European countries, you can use their clean and luxurious toilets. In petrol stations and bus stations, in Covent Garden in London or near the Notre Dame in Paris. Under the motto 'Where need-to-go becomes want-to-go', 2theloo is working hard to realise their ambitious growth plans and that also means: efficient, error-free staff planning with one tool. (Spoiler alert: it's Beeple.)

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Past: staff planning lags behind

In ten years, 2theloo has made an impressive run. But it still faced serious challenges in its staff planning. Planning was done via the intranet and employee data was stored in Excel. And this was done in different ways at different physical locations. Last-minute changes were difficult. They regularly had to guess at actual performances. At one point, one payroll round took a full week and was still not error-free. A radical solution was needed.

Present: real-time planning to the rescue

One year on. 56 subsidiaries across Europe are working with the Dutch, French, English, German and Spanish versions of Beeple. Livnat and Laura, two 2theloo employees, were trained as Beeple Power Users (PU). They organised training sessions for the regional shop managers.

"The introduction went easier than expected", says Livnat, HR & Office Assistant at 2theloo. "Of course, it took some time because there are a lot of different functions in Beeple, but the shop managers were quickly on board. That pleasantly surprised me." "Change is chaos. There is always some kind of resistance. When the shop managers saw what Beeple can do, they were convinced," adds Willemijne, HR Manager at 2theloo.

The 2theloo shop managers use Beeple for planning and time registration of employees with flexible working hours, including temporary staff. "The shop managers now have a better overview and more control. Using the app, they can check who will be working where and when, and any changes in shifts or availability can be quickly reflected in the planning," says Livnat. Employees are also happy: information flows better and check-in works easy digitally.  

Livnat herself also experiences the added value of implementing Beeple: "Planning, leave, salary and HR are all centralised in one system. In addition, our time registration has become very clear. We know what happened when and by whom thanks to the possibility of reviewing the history and extracting reports from the system."

Future: Let's grow digitally

2theloo has the ambition to grow to 500 branches by 2024. In Europe and beyond. "We hope we can achieve this growth together with Beeple," says Willemijne.

The use of Beeple will be expanded: more branches will implement Beeple and there will be links with other digital tools. "An integration with BI tooling is on the agenda. There are also many opportunities in the area of payroll. We are currently working with different payroll partners in the various countries. It would be ideal if we could work with one payroll partner through an integration with Beeple so this process could broadly be automated," says Willemijne.

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