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Clevergig is the perfect software for staffing and temp agencies in education. With our scheduling, time tracking, and invoicing features, we help agencies like yours professionalize further.

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Last year, 20% didn't show up for their shift or reported sick in the morning, which caused us a lot of issues. With clevergig, we reduced the sick reports from 20% to 2%. Also, now we can simply add a link to the materials in Clevergig beforehand, and when people click on the shift, they immediately have access to the materials. So, all those intermediate steps and aftercare have been eliminated.


Co-owner LeraarLink

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For us, it was quite a significant transition: from a free program to Clevergig. But it actually worked so well that we wanted to continue with it. Because we have a large pool of employees, freelancers, volunteers, and interns, it's common for someone to be ill or want to change shifts. It used to be a hassle, but now it's very easy. It has saved us an enormous amount of time.



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It saves so much time and headache for both sides. The person working also doesn't want to email all the time about the hours that do or don't match. Invoicing is straightforward. Everyone gets their invoice quickly, which makes a difference. It has so many advantages. Especially that people who work with us get an invoice quickly on the first or the second of the month. So far, we've only received positive feedback.


Co-owner Karibu

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Education is becoming automated

For staffing and temp agencies in education, it's crucial to keep up with the deadlines. With staff shortages in education, mediation is no longer an extra; it's a necessity. Online teaching and learning have shown us that education has become digitised. Temp agencies in education must also adapt to this trend.

Much stress due to manual work

With Clevergig, you can quickly adapt to all your processes through automation without the need for extra staff. This ensures that your temp agency in education can fill services more quickly and save you unnecessary stress.

Professionalism compared to competitors

Everyone who collaborates with you experiences user-friendliness if Clevergig is your go-to solution. Professional software gives your agency a professional appearance and automatically becomes your advantage over competitors.

No-shows and sick call-ins

By digitizing your temp agency in education, automatic service reminders are sent to your flexible pool, making it more difficult for them to cancel. This means a lot less no-shows and people calling in sick.

Education is becoming automated

For your temp agency in education, it's essential to quickly connect with your flex workers. This is easy with the push notifications in Clevergig app. Let your clients be amazed by your response time!

In education, teachers must be able to approach children in different ways. Likewise, your temp agency should be able to quickly find teachers with different specializations. For this, Clevergig has preferences and filters on every screen of the software.

From managers to flex workers: it's only good for your temp agency in education if everyone has the tools to simplify their work. Clevergig's mobile apps are specially designed for simple mediation on both sides: managers and freelancers.

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