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The no.1 software
for small sized staffing agencies.
The no.1 software for small and medium-sized staffing agencies.
clevergig is the ultimate software for lightning-fast scheduling, easy time tracking, and flawless invoicing. Designed specifically for small and medium-sized staffing agencies.
Improve work experience
More time to scale
Faster Invoicing
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The no.1 software
for large sized staffing agencies.
The no.1 software for large sized staffing agencies.
Beeple is our scheduling software built to handle the complex scheduling needs of larger teams with more than 20 employees. With advanced features and customizable options, Beeple empowers you to efficiently manage your workforce.
Higher margins
Less stress
Lower cost-to-serve
Better stakeholder collaboration
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Problemsolvers in planning

Streamline your scheduling process with our software

Our software streamlines schedule creation and management, freeing up your time to concentrate on higher-priority responsibilities. Featuring automated shift assignments and real-time updates, it guarantees your team remains in perfect sync.

Elevate Your Business

Beeple addresses digital-era challenges, improving margins, and employee satisfaction while unlocking business potential with advanced workforce management.

Unlocking Efficiency

We emphasize efficiency as the solution to high turnover, low productivity, and costly mistakes, empowering businesses to thrive with increased productivity and success.

Boosting Employee Morale

We are your partner for optimizing processes, boosting employee morale, and achieving a thriving branch by addressing planning time, communication, and visibility challenges.

clevergig is personal, modern, and inviting. Everything is arranged so smoothly. The invoicing module is also a fantastic addition. Invoicing can now be processed in just a few seconds. clevergig simply offers various standalone tools that you can use to optimise functionality and maintain high quality.



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We have a better overview of all schedules, including all information and briefings. All of that in one system, instead of everything through WhatsApp. This saves a lot of time, and the most important aspect is its scalability. Now, everything is managed from one central point. That's a significant advantage.


owner of De Sjouwers

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For us, it was quite a significant transition: from a free program to Clevergig. But it actually worked so well that we wanted to continue with it. Because we have a large pool of employees, freelancers, volunteers, and interns, it's common for someone to be ill or want to change shifts. It used to be a hassle, but now it's very easy. It has saved us an enormous amount of time.



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It saves so much time and headache for both sides. The person working also doesn't want to email all the time about the hours that do or don't match. Invoicing is straightforward. Everyone gets their invoice quickly, which makes a difference. It has so many advantages. Especially that people who work with us get an invoice quickly on the first or the second of the month. So far, we've only received positive feedback.


Co-owner Karibu

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We notice that employees are increasingly opting for a combination of a permanent job, sometimes part-time, and an additional flexitime. We are very pleased that thanks to the cooperation with Beeple we can offer our customers an additional innovative tool.

Marc Peeters

CEO, Group S

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What I had to enter manually in Excel, happens automatically in Beeple. The costs of Beeple versus the time savings that it would bring, made us take the plunge immediately.


Planner poolservices, Adecco Amsterdam

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“The overview we get in Beeple is a great advantage, especially when you have to schedule a lot of people for different projects in a few days.”


Head of digital solutions, Tour de France project

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Knowing the availability of candidates in advance is a considerable timesaver. Once the candidates have filled in their work availability, they receive the right job proposals by email or SMS which they can accept or reject.


Branch Manager, Adecco France

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"I fill in last-minute requests with just one push of a button."


Sales Support Officer, Adecco Belgium

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The major advantage of clevergig is its simplicity, ease of use, and the fact that it's 'plug and play.' You can have someone create an account, and 9 out of 10 people figure it out on their own, without any questions. For us, it means that we can work more efficiently and that it's less chaotic.



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Why Beeple adds value? The 360-degree communication, online real-time planning and intelligent matching are the reasons why Beeple adds value.


Business Manager Synergie

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Thanks to the communication features of the tool, we send out a fortnightly newsletter with the events we are still looking for volunteers for, and if we need someone very last-minute, we send all volunteers in the right region a quick pop-up message.


Event team member, Inter Vlaanderen

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