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A fusion of
innovative forces

Beeple emerged from the collaboration of Belgian-based Beeple and Dutch-based clevergig, both influential staffing software companies. Beeple, founded in Belgium in 2016, swiftly became a market leader in online staff management, while clevergig, established in the same year in The Netherlands, focused on simplifying ad hoc staff scheduling, evolving into a mature SaaS company. This fusion of innovative forces birthed Beeple, revolutionising workforce scheduling.

Joining forces with Visma

Beeple's and clevergig's commitment to streamlined ad hoc scheduling set the stage for Beeple's journey. The merger of these two pioneering companies, each bringing unique expertise, laid Beeple's foundation. In 2022, we joined forces with Visma, one of Europe's leading providers of business-critical software, enhancing our capabilities and aligning with a broader vision of efficiency and resilience.


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A dedicated team

Beeple's growth is fueled by a dedicated team of over 60 professionals who contribute directly to the success of clients. The company embraces a work culture characterised by flexibility, diversity, innovation, and a commitment to fostering meaningful connections beyond the traditional office setting.

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