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Agilitas: Goodbye endless phonecalls with potential candidates

Agilitas, one of the major Belgian players in the temping sector, is known for their qualitative selection and punctual candidate follow-ups. How do they live up to it? Consultants complete flex work planning in a couple of clicks and communicate schedule adaptions in real time. Beeple is glad to provide the platform to do so. “The consultants now have time to concentrate on their core service: finding the right person for the job and guiding candidate and client towards success,” states Britt, Officer Commercial Excellence at Agilitas.

The right information anywhere and at anytime?

The acquaintance

Agilitas has an expert, sustainable service, literally and figuratively close to the customer and digitalization is of paramount importance. That is why they were looking for an efficient, uniform way to make schedules for temporary workers in order to save time. That extra time would be invested by consultants in a more extensive screening of candidates and follow-up after employment to ensure the satisfaction of clients and temporary workers. Developing new business deserved more attention as well.

Agilitas defined two important requirements for the planning software. On the one hand, there was a strong focus on digitization. The tool had to be mobile, usable via the browser and an app. On the other hand, the Beeple environment had to be adaptable per planning client so that different usage rights could be assigned to different clients. Beeple met all the requirements and this is how this great collaboration came about.

"We were looking for an efficient way to make our planning for temporary workers in order to free up time to follow up our candidates and clients and to match our permanent vacancies better and more qualitatively." - Britt Van Damme, Officer Commercial Excellence at Agilitas

Make the difference...

… for consultants

Of course, the rollout of Beeple within Agilitas was accompanied by a learning process for the regional consultants. They were personally mentored by both Beeple and Agilitas employees. Beeple trained Britt, previously an Agilitas employee from regional office Kapellen, to become a Beeple Power User. As a Beeple PU she is always 100% aware of all possibilities and new features in Beeple and therefore also the direct point of contact for Beeple related questions within Agilitas. In addition, the employees in each regional office were trained by a Beeple employee.

"The consultants experience the added value of the planning software on a daily basis," says Britt. "Consultants can open shifts and invite employees in just a few clicks. In this way, a schedule can be completed much faster without the need for endless phone calls with potential candidates."

Meanwhile, there is also an integration between the self-developed administrative system of Agilitas and Beeple. "This again resulted in an enormous time saving," concludes Britt. "Beeple now automatically sets up the renewed contracts and these only need to be checked and sent out. As a result, the margin of error has fallen sharply.”

"We can save a lot of time and the margin of error is minimal. Now, we can spend more time on commercial work thanks to those efficiency gains." - Britt Van Damme, Officer Commercial Excellence at Agilitas

… for clients

Before the switch to Beeple, there was a lot of telephone contact and e-mail traffic to draw up contracts. And when applying for a contract outside office hours, customers had to additionally call the ‘dimonalijn’. Thanks to Beeple's connection to the administrative system, this now happens digitally. Clients make the request in Beeple and the contract and the dimona declaration are automatically taken care of. This way, customers can now also request contracts outside office hours.

Many planning customers such as national supermarkets, retailers and production departments have their own Beeple environment at their disposal through Agilitas. In this environment, they draw up their own schedules and automatically send communication to employees. "The customer, the employee and we at Agilitas see the planning in real time. That is very transparent," notes Britt.

"Both we and our customers find it very cool that we can match the layout to the look and feel of the customers". - Britt Van Damme, Officer Commercial Excellence at Agilitas

Performance can also be processed in Beeple. A lot of clients have a tick clock for permanent employees, but have not provided one for temporary workers. Before Agilitas switched to Beeple, clients always reported the performance of temporary workers separately. Thanks to the introduction of Beeple, temporary workers can check in and out via the app and thus register their worked hours by means of start and stop hours. Performance is automatically reported and payments are made on time and correctly.

Besides planning clients, Agilitas also has clients with vacancies for long-term employment. "A long-term starter requires more screening. Because we were much more involved in processing for planning clients for Beeple, we didn't always have the time for that. Now we can put a lot more effort into the screening process," Britt notes. "Once the starter has started working, follow-up is necessary, both with the employee and the customer. Consultants can now invest more time in this as well, in order to continue to ensure the satisfaction of both customers and temporary workers."

… for temp workers

Temporary workers can now pass on their own availability via Beeple, get to see open shifts that fit into their agenda and can then apply for this via the app. In this way temporary workers take ownership of their employment and work performance.

Future for Agilitas and Beeple

Agilitas sees many opportunities in the partnership. Beeple is therefore always introduced to customers when planning work is involved in the collaboration. "Even if the customer doesn't like the use of Beeple at the beginning, we still use it internally because it really is an efficiency gain for us. Usualy the customer will come about after a while and wants to work with it," says Britt.

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