Case study

Unicef: Beeple is an all-in-one tool with many automated functions

Children's rights organization Unicef dedicates itself worldwide to children in situations of violence, poverty, discrimination and disease. As Fundraising Manager at Unicef, Béatrice Roddi assists in the creation of a new division within the fund-raising department. In that function, she is responsible for the schedules of flex workers that talk to people about the activities and aims of Unicef in many busy places across Belgium.
In need of a more efficient way of flex work planning?

All-in-one tool for staff planning

Unicef consists of different departments from which fund-raising is one of the most important. Fundraisers are collaborators that tell people in the street about the activities of Unicef and try to motivate them into donating on a monthly basis in the long term, becoming in that way a godfather or mother of Unicef. In the past, the recruitment and employment of fundraisers were organized by external parties, but it will be organized internally in the future. A new division has recently been created to take on the organization of that all.

Since the fundraisers are active in various places and during different time frames, the need for a staff management tool was strong. Through a colleague from another department within Unicef, Béatrice came in contact with Beeple.

“It was very important to me that the software was clear from the beginning and the learning of the features would not take up too much of my time, since I’m responsible for a very large project. Beeple is not only a planning tool: it also enables you to recruit, evaluate employees, communicate with them, create reports etc. It is exactly what we were looking for: an all-in-one tool with many automated functions.”

Kick-off as a new client

In the starting phase with Beeple, a workshop was organized for Béatrice and her colleagues, during which the functionalities and the working of the tool were explained. “The kick-off meeting was very instructive for us. We haveinstalled our web environment together with Beeple Customer Success Manager Wouter and that was the most important to me. Thanks to Wouter’s clear explanation and support, we were able to launch the Beeple environment of Unicef according to the set plan.”

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