Freedom: also for your employees?

While our freedom in this rather turbulent world is generally rightly regarded as 'a great good', in relation to the labour market, we still often exhibit noticeable tension.

And yet, the new generation of employees prefers to work in freedom. They have long said goodbye to the traditional planning process of 'manager requests availability, employee provides availability, and manager informs when the employee must show up'. In short: it's time for innovation again.


We've made the comparison before. But it's a fact that it's important to remain attractive in every relationship. Especially when it comes to employment relationships.

  • By expanding your pool of employees, you automatically alleviate the workload on your existing network. If there's a cool festival or another must-attend event, you can easily and alternately grant people their freedom.
  • In line with the above point: don't just consider what employees can do for you. But also, in what ways can you be an employer that people want to commit to? For example, by offering that freedom and flexibility.
  • Utilise systems to match services and employees even better. Use competencies, experience, and previously performed tasks.
  • To expand your network, also explore the possibilities of external pools. Through temp agencies or online marketplaces, for example. Especially in times of high workload, these often offer convenient solutions.
  • For the really challenging moments, consider other incentives to get people to work. This can be financial, but also rewarding extra effort with quid pro quo: working twice during a festival earns the next day off.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Another lovely cliché, but also one with a reason. Because yes, teamwork truly does make the dream work. So, regularly engage in dialogue with your employees. Ask what they consider important regarding this much-discussed freedom. And simply ask them what that freedom is worth to them. And what it yields them.

By the way, it's not a bad idea to implement changes cautiously. So, experiment. Test the waters. Implement any changes on a small scale first and then see if services are actually better filled. Whether with the help of a creative or financial incentive, or not.

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