5 ways to improve your team communication

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Communicating with your team is very important, but it doesn’t always go that smoothly. How often does it happen that important emails are overlooked, because of a bulging mailbox? With these tips, you optimize your team communication in no time.

Focus on mobile

Mobile is omnipresent these days and that is something you can continue on in the communication strategy for your team. On the one hand, almost everybody possesses a smartphone and you can easily communicate with your collaborators through a mobile app. The Beeple app has, for example, a separate chat function, that sends pushnotifications once there is a new chat. At times, you undoubtedly have people in your team who do not have a smartphone yet. Luckily, you can still reach them by mobile (without having to call them) through text messages.

Use several channels

If you want to reach your team members as quickly as possible, it’s a matter of communicating with them through different channels. Some collaborators actively keep an eye on their mailbox, others barely check their mailbox once a week. That’s why it is so important to not only rely on emails, because these may easily get lost in spam folders or stuffed mailboxes. Rather send an SMS, Messenger or chat message at the same time. In Beeple, collaborators can even indicate whether they would like to receive campaigns via email and/or SMS (or neither of them).

Curious why text messages and flex work planning are a match made in heaven?

Offer a clear job description

Improving team communication also means anticipating on possible questions your collaborators might have. It is important to provide a clear description of the function and the matching responsibilities in advance. When you only communicate the function “Allround collaborator” to your team, you cannot possibly expect from them that they exactly know what to do during the working day. A transparent job description already limits the questions about that. You can also work with a central database with important documents , to which your collaborators always have access. Beeple has a separate module in which you can collect floor plans, house rules and so on.

Approachable communication

Clearly state from the beginning that your (figurative) door is always open to your team for questions, remarks, suggestions, advice etc. With an open-door policy , you show your collaborators that everyone belongs to the same team and you remove the barrier between the team and the management. In addition, this method also results in communication on a regular basis, as a result of which problems within a certain project can be solved faster or even avoided. The chat in Beeple offers an approachable form of communication, through which collaborators can send a message to planners or supervisors and vice versa.

Avoid too much communication

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, you should stimulate regular team communication. It is by contrast not advisable to disturb your collaborators with emails and text messages on a daily basis. Make sure that you only send messages to team members for whom the message is relevant. Thanks to the filters in Beeple, you can send messages to specific target audiences like the members of one team or one project. You should also limit the number of messages sent to your collaborators after office hours. In most cases, it can still wait until the next day.

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