5 tips for a more efficient staffing agency

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Read and apply the following five tips and become a more efficient staffing agency.

Cut out your paperwork

Paperwork is a time-consuming activity in every staffing agency. In order to not find yourself drowning in work, you should use a staff management tool. With the use of Beeple, you can manage all your staff-related documents online. You can create contracts, forms and timesheets with just one click.

Organize a weekly workout

Most employees in a recruitment agency have a sedentary job. A full day of sitting can have negative consequences on employees' efficiency. Studies have shown that exercise reduces stress and helps employees to better manage their workload. Play sports together, place a pin-pong table or organize a run in a park nearby your office. Instead of having traditional meetings, do short meetings outside or during a walk around the block like we do at Beeple. It helps you focus and it gives you a fixed timeframe of 5 to 10 minutes.

Simplify your payroll

Payroll is an important but time-consuming job for every recruitment agency. Did you know that Beeple can radically simplify your payroll? Beeple's tool automatically exchanges all relevant data about contracts, working hours and salaries with a payroll company that will take care of your payroll.

Set clear goals (SMART)

Employees can only work efficiently when they have clear, well-defined goals to aim for. Without these they lack direction and focus. The golden rule to set goals in a clear and well defined way is to set them SMART. This stands for Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic and Time-bound. For example:

  • Specific: fill in more vacancies by sharing them twice a week on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Measurable: fill in 10% more vacancies this month.
  • Assignable: marketing team
  • Realistic: last month we had 5% increase by sharing them on Facebook.
  • Time-bound: by the end of the week.

Train your staff

Before your employees start at their new job, be sure to train them properly. Trained employees will get more satisfaction out of their work, which will cause them to perform better and make less mistakes. For example, when you hire a recruiter, be sure he or she has the right skills. Training in listening, relationship management and sales skills are essential for a good recruiter.

And now... good luck filling in those vacancies!

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