New feature: Tinder swipe

Person holding iPhone with Flexbee Beeple application

At Beeple, we launch a large number of new features every 6 weeks, going from completely new modules to improved existing functions and bug fixes. Every release, we single out 1 new feature on our blog. In this edition, we would like to introduce you to our new swipe function in the collaborator's app.

Inspired by the popular dating app Tinder, Beeple looked for an easier way for collaborators to enrol for a job in the collaborator's app. Now, thanks to the new release, collaborators can use the 'Quick' view instead of the 'List' view to swipe through their multiple job offers. Swipe to the right means they will apply for the job, a swipe to the left means they will not apply for the job.

We've made a short tutorial movie on how to use the swipe function at Beeple.

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