Case study

Grupo Constant: from Manual to Automated with Beeple

Victor Porres, Gesgrup Project Manager

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the demand for efficient management tools has never been more pronounced. Grupo Constant, an important player in the Human Resources sector with headquarters in Spain and Portugal, has recently started their journey towards a digital transformation with Beeple software. We had the privilege of interviewing Victor Porres, Gesgrup Project Manager at Grupo Constant, and Pedro Marques, Project Implementation Manager at Beeple, to explore their insights into implementing Beeple software and its transformative impact on their operations.

About Grupo Constant

With over 35 years of experience in the Human Resources sector, Grupo Constant has been instrumental in providing employment opportunities to thousands of individuals while offering innovative solutions to companies through outsourcing and temporary employment contracts. With a vast clientele of over 3,300 customers and nearly 25,000 employees, Grupo Constant is committed to delivering top-notch services across different sectors. Victor operates within the distribution logistics sector, known as Gesgrup, which forms a vital part of Grupo Constant's operations.

Before Beeple

Grupo Constant's key areas for improvement:

  • Implementing standardised processes: By transitioning from manual methods and spreadsheets to automated systems, Grupo Constant aimed to enhance consistency and efficiency in workforce management.
  • Enhancing data gathering capabilities: The company seeked to improve its ability to gather accurate data on worker hours and productivity, enabling better evaluation of performance and informed decision-making.
  • Promoting a culture of adaptation: Grupo Constant recognizes the importance of technological advancements. Through fostering a supportive environment and providing necessary resources, the company aimed to facilitate a smooth transition to digital workforce management solutions for its employees.

"Every company aims to grow, and to achieve that, you need tools that facilitate rapid progress," says Victor.

Before using Beeple in their day-to-day tasks, Grupo Constant encountered some challenges in efficiently managing multiple clients. Victor pointed out that they were looking for a tool to streamline processes and collect essential client data. He also emphasised how important it was to be efficient and cost-effective when providing services.

Project Manager explains that before Beeple, the company relied heavily on Excel sheets. Different approaches to meet the unique needs of each client was a part of Grupo Constant's flexibility. However, the company is now striving to establish standardised procedures to further enhance its efficiency and consistency. He further explains, "If we have numerous clients and aim to attract more, we must establish a standardised implementation process that can cater to all of them uniformly. Beeple should assist us in collecting crucial data, such as the duration employees spend on tasks and breaks, enabling us to calculate their productivity accurately." Additionally, Grupo Constant required automation for tasks previously handled manually.

Implementing the Software

Beeple jumped in in the middle of a digital transformation that was needed in order to make the company scalable. Currently, Beeple's implementation at Grupo Constant extends beyond the seven centres of the pilot client. In addition to the successful utilisation of Beeple for planning, check-in, employee evaluations, vacation requests, among other activities, there are ongoing pilot projects with other clients within Grupo Constant, exploring an even broader array of features. Pedro explains that they are conducting training sessions for staff members at these centres to familiarise them with the software. Additionally, these staff members are responsible for verifying and approving the hours worked by employees, as well as ensuring that they are equipped to handle challenging situations during the planning. Furthermore, regular assessments of employee performance in various areas are conducted on a monthly basis. This is taken on carefully to maximise Beeple’s benefits in the future.

Benefiting from a Full-time In-house Consultant

Pedro Marques, Project Implementation Manager at Beeple, assumes a crucial role within Grupo Constant as a full-time in-house consultant, collaborating closely with Victor to implement the software effectively. Victor expressed his satisfaction with having Pedro's constant support, highlighting Beeple's dedicated efforts to ensure project success:

‘My experience with Beeple and integrating the software is really nice because I have a person who I can contact every day - Pedro. And I know he's gonna do whatever it takes to resolve any issue, any question that I have. I think this is super important. Beeple is really putting effort into making sure that this project goes ahead. We don't feel alone in the process. Otherwise, I might feel like a lost child in France, where I've never been, don't speak French, and know nothing. But with Pedro there, holding my hand and helping me, I feel confident speaking with French people.

Thanks for such a vivid description, Victor! ;)

Challenges on the way

No change comes without challenges. Especially not when it comes to changing the way of work for so many people. Victor elaborates on this: "Here in Spain, at Grupo Constant, our challenge is to implement Beeple across sixty clients. Currently, we're only using Beeple with six clients. Being in the midst of a digital transformation also means changing our management processes. We need to adapt both our internal and external processes to these changes. It's a shift in mindset that's necessary. We must change the perception of our workers from viewing software as an additional burden to recognizing its ability to streamline their daily routines. We're still in the process of convincing them that Beeple will simplify their tasks, a challenge I've encountered frequently in my eight years of experience."

Pedro adds that they are presently in the implementation phase, conducting a pilot program. He emphasises that this phase presents the most significant challenge yet. Ensuring everyone can adapt to the process change is crucial. He acknowledges that while it might be easier for a smaller company, Grupo Constant's size presents unique obstacles. Convincing each department and demonstrating the effectiveness of the new process is essential.

Benefits of Beeple

How Beeple is resolving the challenges:

  • Standardised processes: Beeple provides a user-friendly platform that allows Grupo Constant to standardise processes across their clients and locations, ensuring consistency and efficiency.
  • Data collection and analysis: Beeple's software enables Grupo Constant to gather accurate data on worker hours, breaks, and productivity, providing valuable insights for decision-making and improving overall efficiency.
  • Change management support: Beeple offers support and training to help employees adapt to the new technology, ensuring a smooth transition and maximising the benefits of the software.

Grupo Constant has already begun experiencing the benefits of Beeple. Victor noted that while some employees are still adapting to the new tool, others have embraced it, recognizing its potential to simplify tasks and improve productivity. He also highlighted the intuitive structure of Beeple software and the collaborative effort between Beeple and Grupo Constant in ensuring a successful implementation.

Furthermore, feedback from clients, particularly a pharmaceutical client that is being used as a pilot, has been positive, with active support and enthusiasm for the collaboration. Monthly meetings ensure smooth operations, with the client appreciating Grupo Constant's proactive approach to problem-solving.

Grupo Constant's experience with Beeple highlights the transformative impact of digital tools on business operations. With dedicated support from Pedro and the Beeple team, Grupo Constant feels empowered to embrace the future of digital transformation with confidence and enthusiasm, despite the challenges. We’re working together towards smoother operations and fostering a collaborative environment. With Beeple, Grupo Constant will surely be well-equipped to navigate the challenges of today’s business environment. Thanks for your time, Victor and Pedro! Let’s continue growing together.

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