Embracing change: how Beeple helps temp agencies navigate the expanded realm of flexi-jobs

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Change is brewing in the world of temporary staffing, and at Beeple. We're not just keeping up with it – we're leading the charge. As the government opens the doors to flexi-jobs in twelve new sectors, it's time for temp agencies to rethink their strategies and leverage this evolving landscape to their advantage. Here's how Beeple is your trusted partner in this dynamic journey.

What's changing in 2024?

With the recent government accord on the 2023 budget, flexi-jobs are set to infiltrate a diverse array of sectors from the beginning of 2024. From education and childcare to the event sector and real estate, the playing field is expanding. As industry pioneers, we're here to ensure that you're well-informed and equipped to harness these opportunities.

Which sectors could soon use flexi-jobbers?

Elevating temp agencies with Beeple's innovative solutions

Imagine a world where managing a large pool of flexi-jobbers across various clients becomes seamless. With Beeple, you can do just that, fully GDPR-proof of course. Our 'Tinder view' feature enables effortless candidate management, ensuring that the right fit is just a click away.

By utilising our intuitive planning tool, you can streamline the entire process, from scheduling shifts to tracking performance, all in one centralised platform. Embrace efficiency and transparency as you match the right talent with the right opportunities, making your agency the go-to choice for businesses in need of flexible staffing solutions.

Want to know more about our Tinder swipe feature? Click here!

Seizing the benefits: why flexi-jobs matter

Flexi-jobs aren't just a regulatory necessity; they offer a huge amount of advantages for both employers and workers. From fiscal benefits and social security protection to enhanced flexibility and seamless transitions for retirees, this innovative system is a win-win for all parties involved.

With the flexi-job system, people that can’t work full-time can earn extra income while maintaining a favourable work-life balance. Simultaneously, employers can tap into an agile workforce during peak periods, ensuring well-streamed operations without incurring hefty expenses.

At Beeple, we don't just follow the market; we shape it. With our comprehensive solutions and in-depth expertise, we ensure that your temp agency stays ahead of the curve. Let's navigate the world of flexi-jobs together and pave the way for a brighter, more flexible future.

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