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2theloo Iberia is ready to grow

With more than 200 public toilet facilities in 12 countries, 2theloo is the market leader in Europe. In Spain, 2theloo is currently present at railway stations and commercial centres in the three largest cities of the country: Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. Find out how they made the switch from pen and paper to a planning tool.

"Currently, we are working at about 15 sites in three Spanish cities. For every site, we need a shop manager and a service employee for each shift. We always have to take into account availability and various contracts and statutes, which results in an extensive and sometimes complex planning," explains David, HR & Operations Manager at 2theloo Iberia. "Before we switched to Beeple, shop managers used to make the weekly planning with a pen and on paper. This was then hung at the door for employees to consult. A time-consuming and error-prone system."  

2theloo Iberia is in full growth and we are ready for it – David, HR and Operations Manager

Professional tool for flex planning

Since the organisation is in full growth, especially on the Iberian Peninsula, there was a need for professionalisation. The planning, for example, had to be clear and available at all times, but communication had to be simpler and faster as well. "We were in desperate need for a professional tool: it was often difficult to fill all the shifts, especially in holiday periods or during the COVID-19 crisis with the high sickness rate," explains David. So 2theloo chose to implement Beeple on all locations in Spain, and also the future branches will start working with Beeple immediately.

An important challenge in Spain is the great diversity between the different regions in terms of HR rules, for example for leave. "In Beeple, we can specify these rules by region and the risk of errors is reduced.", explains David.

The implementation went smoothly overall. "Of course, change is sometimes exciting – or scary even – and raises questions among employees. But both the shop managers and our contacts at Beeple took the time to introduce us to the tool. Once everyone was familiar with Beeple, the employees also definitely saw the benefits.", David points out. "For the employees, Beeple chat in particular is a big advantage. They can quickly communicate problems and are helped much faster, which results in higher engagement and satisfaction.”

Do you also optimise your flex work planning, just like 2theloo Spain?

A tailor-made tool for 2theloo

2theloo uses Beeple to schedule all employees, but also to keep track of hours, leave and holidays in the tool. Thanks to the check-in and check-out, they have a good overview of the number of hours worked per employee. The big advantage? An optimal planning for each employee and quick insight in case of unexpected changes.  

"I am very pleased that we have chosen Beeple, we notice a great saving in time and there are far fewer errors. The real-time overview ensures that we know at all times how many shifts still need to be filled and we can solve this efficiently," concludes David. "The tool is perfect for companies located in Spain or other vast countries. The customisability of the tool and the fact that it is also fully available in 8 languages, including Spanish, make Beeple ideal for companies and organizations located in different countries."

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