Case study

ExcellentFlex: a boost in productivity and 130% growth in services

Our former CEO Michel sat down with owner Sabine Falco and planner Tamara Wierenga-van Hal, Coordinator of the Planning team of ExcellentFlex. To find out how they use clevergig and what it brings them.

About ExcellentFlex

ExcellentFlex is an agency that provides staff for Childcare and (special) primary and special secondary Education. In addition to secondment, payroll services, recruitment and selection, ExcellentFlex has a large pool of professionals whom they place for individual services with various clients.

What are your plans?

Sabine says: "Of course, Covid has also hit us hard, and we have had to adjust our plans somewhat. But we remain positive, and in the future, we also want to serve other regions in Childcare, just like we do for Education. One of our objectives is to become the largest and best service provider in terms of flex pool requests. Earlier this year, we therefore invested extra in an additional regional manager and recruiter for Childcare. Finally, we have plans to broaden our market to Healthcare."

Can you tell us about the selection process? What were you looking for? 

"We were looking for a system to offer our flex workers services more easily. Where we could take their preferences into account and which would give us more overview of our candidates. The ultimate goal remains to be able to serve the schools better by being able to plan ahead - instead of just ad hoc - and to give better estimates. In addition, it was important for us that the system would be user-friendly for the flex worker, so that they would need to be less reachable by phone and email."

What was the effect when you started using clevergig?

According to Tamara: "Previously, we worked with the EasyFlex Planner and had a lot of manual work. We had to call and email each flex worker individually to request their availability. With clevergig, we can invite all suitable flex workers for the requests that meet their preferences with just one push notification.

Also, forward planning was not feasible. Now we can immediately process all services and in 70% of the cases provide a fill and feedback on the same day. And our clients are very happy with that. What is also very nice is that we could internally document all progress/communication regarding the requests well for our own planners.

Ultimately, all of this translated into a 130% growth in filled services, plus a huge boost in overall productivity. Think of faster service, increased work pace, and higher appreciation from the clients."

What do you appreciate most about clevergig as a product and company?

"Our greatest appreciation goes to the ease of use of the system. And that is for both us as planners and the flex workers. Services can be entered quickly and effectively, and it provides immediate insight into suitable flex workers based on the created filters. We also greatly appreciate the ease with which we can communicate with the flex workers via clevergig."

Would you recommend clevergig to others?

"Absolutely. Without clevergig, we could never have helped so many clients and provided such fast service. We notice that our clients and freelancers also show more satisfaction due to our increased work pace and service. And that's what we do it all for in the end."

A wonderfully beautiful result. And a great client for us to serve. Thank you for your cooperation Sabine and Tamara. We look forward to continuing a long and fruitful partnership.

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