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Clevergig is the ideal software for high-paced staffing and temp agencies, such as those in the hospitality sector. With our scheduling, time tracking, and invoicing software, you can quickly fill new shifts, giving your hospitality temp agency more room for growth.

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Now is the moment when we're truly starting to grow. We were at 10 people when we switched to Clevergig six months ago, and now we have a pool of 50. It would never have been possible without transitioning to Clevergig. Insight and overview are the keys to success.

Pascal Elout

Owner Chefs Food Prep

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Diensten verwijderen en weer inzetten kost 2x zoveel tijd en moeite met een andere planningsoftware dan met clevergig. We merken dat clevergig ook voor de gebruiker heel makkelijk is. Je ziet dat er binnen een minuut gereageerd wordt, omdat ze de meldingen krijgen.


Owner, XTRN

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We have a better overview of all schedules, including all information and briefings. All of that in one system, instead of everything through WhatsApp. This saves a lot of time, and the most important aspect is its scalability. Now, everything is managed from one central point. That's a significant advantage.


owner of De Sjouwers

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Speed is essential in hospitality

Everyone in hospitality knows that work can often be hectic and chaotic. For temp agencies in hospitality, it's crucial that all mediation processes run smoothly. From the flex workers to management, everyone must communicate and coordinate quickly.

Slow workflow

As a hospitality temp agency, you work non-stop: events take place during evenings and weekends. Sending WhatsApp messages or working with an overloaded Excel sheet is not efficient. With Clevergig, your processes run smoothly so you can switch quickly. That means a satisfied flexible pool and satisfied clients.

Chaos equals impersonal

For a hospitality temp agency, it's important that your flexible pool doesn't have to spend extra time on tasks like finding a suitable shift and time tracking after a long day of work. Chaotic work processes are unprofessional and detract from the desired personal approach.

Growth ceiling reached

The hospitality temp market is becoming increasingly competitive. More time needs to be invested in finding new ways to attract clients, preferably without extra costs. Clevergig ensures that your planners can be better utilized, as much less time is spent on scheduling.

Speed is essential in hospitality

Speed is one of the fundamental principles for temp agencies in hospitality. With Clevergig, you can quickly publish your shifts online and make changes easily. Your flex workers then receive a notification via our app and can quickly accept suitable shifts.

Temping in hospitality means regular last-minute cancellations. With Clevergig, you can quickly check the availability in the time period where you need a replacement and resend your shift with just two clicks.

Our Customer Success team is available Monday through Friday to answer all your questions and resolve any software-related issues. Vincent Krijgsman from Level 24/7 says, 'Contact with Clevergig is always pleasant: super fast and good. Whenever I email support, everything is resolved within half an hour.'

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