The best ways to shorten your recruitment and selection process

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When you are in search of a new employee, it is key to act quickly. Otherwise, you run the risk of another company stealing your perfect candidate. Here are some tips that help you shorten your recruitment process.

Optimize your job page

The job page of your company is the most important figurehead in case of an open job, so please pay enough attention to it. The potential applicant should be able to deduce what kind of culture there is at your company, which values are central, which (extralegal) benefits your employees can enjoy etc. from every vacancy. Employer branding can grant you a privilege compared to other recruiting businesses. Try to anticipate the questions that the candidate might have and answer them already in the vacancy. Finally, make sure that your job description only contains gender-neutral formulations. When you don’t do this, you might chase away potential applicants.

Call in an employment agency

When you’ve been searching for a specific profile for quite a while, it’s always a good plan to call in a temp agency. They come in contact with job-seekers on a daily basis and consequently dispose of an extensive group of strong candidates. The shortened time to hire and the qualitative suggested candidates make up for the additional costs. At Beeple, we’re also convinced of the strength of employment agencies. Thanks to our integrations with Vio, Synergie, Adecco and Flexpoint, you can easily and quickly enlist the help of your preferable temp partner.

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Use video applications

More and more recruiters use video applications. You send the candidates a questionnaire that they should answer in a video, in a limited amount of time if desired. The big advantage is that you get a good picture of the applicant without losing time to the scheduling of appointments. When you think the candidate is more suitable for another function in your company, you just send the video to the involved department. During the registration of applicants in Beeple, you can also request a video upload , which helps you to decide whether or not you invite the candidate for a job interview.

Reward referrals

You can appeal to your own team members in your hunt for a new employee too. In this case, you can give your staff a boost by linking a reward to a referral. At several companies, you receive a bonus on top of your monthly pay when you have taken in a new collaborator. If that person is still employed in the company after 3/6 months, an additional bonus is usually added.

Prepare job interviews

Not only the candidate needs to thoroughly prepare the job interview, the recruiter will benefit from a profound preparation as well. Examine the job description in advance, in order to prevent yourself from mixing up two job descriptions. Go over the candidate’s work history and write down a couple of key questions that you certainly want to ask. Make sure that the conversation takes place in a comfortable space in which you can talk with each other in peace and quiet. If you take into account all of these things, your job interviews will definitely go more smoothly and efficiently.

Communicate regularly with the applicants

For candidates that have received several job offers, the way they are treated during the application process might tip the scales. That is why it is important to regularly update them, if only to tell them you have not made a decision yet. Always discuss at the end of the job interview when you will inform the candidate and stick to it. Once the decision has been made, inform the unchosen candidates as quickly as possible. Bad news is always better than no news.

Digitize the first application round

Do your employees always have to meet a few specific requirements ? For example a maximum commuter distance, the possession of a certain certificate, a minimum number of years of work experience etc. Then you can easily digitize the first round of the application in the form of an online questionnaire. That way, you can already rule out the first selection of candidates and you can invest more time in the applicants that are satisfactory. Thanks to the application function linked to the registration procedure in Beeple, you can invite the suitable candidates for an interview and inform the other candidates automatically by email of the fact that they are not chosen.

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