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XTRN: productivity doubled with clevergig

We visited XTRN to speak with one of their directors, Najat el Boussaidi, and their Connection Coordinator, Ouassima el Boussaidi. Not only to take a look at their new, impressive office overlooking Almere (although that was definitely on our list of reasons), but to understand how XTRN uses clevergig and how it helps them achieve their goals.

About XTRN

XTRN is a staffing agency that has been supporting care institutions since 2018 when they have a shortage of staff, for both long and short periods. They are now mainly active in youth care, disability care, elderly care, and addiction care. With a large network of healthcare professionals, they can offer a total package of caregivers to support staff. The agency is based in Almere but operates throughout the country.

What were your challenges before you started using clevergig?

Ouassima speaks: "Last year, XTRN briefly switched to another scheduling system. A very technical system where complete personal data could be stored, and contracts could be created. Furthermore, it also had the services and financial part, something clevergig only has recently.

However, the other scheduling system was much more difficult to use, especially compared to clevergig. Also, clevergig looks much nicer, different colors make everything much clearer. User-friendliness was the number one reason why we chose clevergig. At that time, clevergig still lacked some features because many changes had not yet been implemented. Now, simple features like repeated services provide even more convenience. At XTRN, for example, we often receive requests to find a temporary worker who is 'available every Monday from 12 to 5.' With repeated services, we can make that a reality that much easier. Such a small thing has brought a lot of peace of mind."

What were the reactions of the employees when you switched to another product (not clevergig)?

"Very negative. The biggest problem with the other product was: with clevergig, certain people can sign up for services. When they refuse these, they immediately receive a push notification and then they no longer see the service under 'registered.' What the other system had is that the service is filled in, but you can still sign up for it. At that time, we received so many calls saying 'Hey, that service is still open.' When we said that the service was already filled in, they didn't understand why they could still see it. The only thing you could do is disable the registrations."

How does clevergig help you daily with your work? Where do you get the most benefit from?

"I always start the day with clevergig and email. Then I confirm services if people have responded to them. What's nice about that is that people immediately receive a push notification saying 'hey, you've been selected for this service' or 'you haven't been selected.' New services that come in via email or phone are immediately added. We also notice that clevergig is very easy for the user. You can see that there is a response within a minute because they receive the notifications."

If you had to measure it the services you have secured with clevergig as a planner, how would you describe it?

"Removing and redeploying services takes 2x as much time and effort with another scheduling software than with clevergig. We pay close attention to open services per week, and you can see that very well in clevergig."

Would you recommend clevergig to other agencies?

Yes, definitely. I think I speak for all my colleagues when I say that we find clevergig a very nice system. It works fast. For us, it makes the work much lighter. We are very positive in any case. We often see emails coming in with new updates, which is always nice to see. Not always does it directly affect my work, but it's nice to see that you guys are continuing to work on it.

Nice to hear: for XTRN, clevergig has brought a lot of peace of mind and saves them twice as much time. We consider that a pleasant result! Thank you, Ouassima and Najat, for your time and we wish you success in the growth of XTRN.

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