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Braderij Gitschotellei

Beeple present at the annual Braderij Gitschotellei

On Saturday, September 23, the new team of the Gitschotellei Traders Association organized the annual event to improve the presence of the shopping street. During the event, merchants and creative residents also provided a fun start of ‘Gitschotel Popt’ to … Continue Reading

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HR and Blockchain

Blockchain, reshaping a company through HR

In the two previous articles, we saw what blockchain and HR-tech is. Separately they have great potential but what will happen when you combine them? Let’s examine this together. During the last few years blockchain has been receiving a lot … Continue Reading

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Blockchain, getting rid of the third party  

You’re wondering who’s the third party? And why do I have to get rid of it? To start a third-party can be every intermediary that an enterprise uses like banks, lawyers or brokers. They are an indispensable force within a … Continue Reading

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Introduction to modern Human Resource technologies

IHR isn’t a new concept, it’s been around for several decades. During this period, it has had some major changes and the most exciting ones are happening now. This is thanks to the digital area where we are living in. … Continue Reading

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Motivating & stimulating volunteers

What drives volunteers? What is the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation? Read here all about sources of motivation and how to stimulate volunteers. … Continue Reading

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Get the Beeple-experience @ HR innovation & tech Day

Why should you visit a business trade? Discover here what the HR innov & tech Day has in store for you. … Continue Reading

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Do you want to hire a flexi-jobber and you need the know-how? Read everything about formal provisions and legal requirements in order to hire a flexi-jobber. … Continue Reading

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The paperless office: Why should you digitize?

Environmental friendliness is a hot topic that needs your attention. Discover here how digitize the staff management processes in your company, organization or society. Explore the benefits on our blog. … Continue Reading

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New instruction videos: learn how to work with Beeple.

In this blog post, we present new instruction videos in order to help our clients. Explore the world of Beeple and learn how to work with our tool. … Continue Reading

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Nieuw team

Beeple welcomes new team members!

We are glad to announce that our team is growing. Read here who they are, what they do and why have chosen for Beeple. Reading time: 2 minutes. … Continue Reading

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